Salado Glass Works

Address: No. 2 Peddlers Alley, Salado 76571

Phone: (254)-947-0339


The Herald sat down with Gail Allard to discuss his business.

Briefly describe the business.

We do custom blown glass made in Salado.

How did the business get started?

I've been blowing glass for about 12 years. I started out as part of the Salado Arts Workshop and felt I needed to break out on my own. The market, where I opened my business up, has a strong tourism base. It was a very good choice.

How long has your location been open, and how is it doing?

It opened on Nov. 20. It's been incredible.

What is your most popular service right now and what else do you offer?

I offer a range of glass items in the $35-$150 price range. I have some higher-end items as well but not as much. In this economy, people can't pony up for some luxury item that holds chips and salsa.

The $35-$55 price point is really my meat and potatoes. That's a price point where people can come in, find something unique that catches their eye and don't have to feel bad about what they spent.

I also let people participate in the process for custom items. I offer an opportunity to come in, and once we get their color situated, they watch the piece being made that they commissioned. It's starting to get very popular.

One of the main things we also do is give people a chance to blow their very own Christmas ornament. We hook a blow pipe hose up and participants use their own breath to make the ornament. It's huge at the holidays.

Describe your typical customers.

My customers are usually in the 40-60 age range. They're mostly from the I-35 traffic; they're coming through town, looking to shop.

What are your business goals?

My business goals are to pay my bills every month and to stay as small as possible. I think what I do is unique. I'm not a famous person, and I don't think I will be. I want to stay small, so people can come in, get something custom and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. I want to keep my prices low enough to where everyone can enjoy what I do. I want to stay small and stay local, true to my grass-roots, do-it-yourself principles.

- Rebecca Rose

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