Twin Liquors Killeen location on Lowes Boulevard could be shut down in coming months if the state succeeds in taking away the company's liquor license. Stores across the region, including Harker Heights and Temple, also would close.

Dozens of Twin Liquors stores, including three locations in Killeen, Harker Heights and Temple, are in danger of being shut down as the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission moves to revoke the chain’s license.

The state agency filed Wednesday with the State Office of Administrative Hearings to suspend the Austin-based liquor store’s license.

“We have a case against Twin Liquors, and we are seeking cancellation of all their permits, even the ones in Killeen and Harker Heights,” said Carolyn Beck, communication director.

Charges of violating license regulations date back to June 2010 and December 2007. Twin Liquors allegedly violated numerous Texas Alcoholic Beverage codes, including cash laws, credit laws, prohibited activity and stamping laws, according to administrative hearing documents.

“A local distributor, or respondent’s agent, servant or employee knowingly sold, shipped or delivered distilled spirits in containers that did not bear a serially numbered identification stamp as issued by the commission,” according to a description of one suspected violation.

While the action was filed this week, if and when the stores could close is unknown, Beck said.

“A hearing date is set for mid-June, but parties frequently ask for a continuance,” she said.

“In short, the process is very lengthy, and it can be months and months before there is a final resolution.”

Last week, Twin Liquors’ attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission with the Travis County District Clerk’s office.

The suit claims Twin Liquors was denied access to documents and prevented from questioning witnesses and the commission exceeded its statutory authority, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

If Twin Liquors’ license is pulled, the company can appeal numerous times before operations are forced to close.

“There are excessive opportunities for due process,” Beck said.

Twin Liquors operates more than 70 stores from Waco to San Antonio.

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