Members of a production crew film an actress working during the shooting of a commercial in Temple Thursday at the new Stripes convenience store on Adams road.

Rusty schramm

TEMPLE — The Stripes convenience store on West Adams Avenue was pristine.

The shelves were fully stocked. Refrigerated cases that run along the store’s eastern wall were lit up and filled with every imaginable beverage. Dispensers in the fountain drink center were filled with delightfully colored icy concoctions, as well as the usual offerings.

Cars and trucks filled the parking areas, yet there were no customers.

On Thursday, Stripes’ newest convenience store in Temple was being used as a site for filming a company commercial.

The director and part of the crew were from Los Angeles, and a number of the production personnel came in from Austin, where Stripes’ creative agency is based.

“This is a big production,” said Fred McConnell, Stripes marketing director.

The commercial will run in West Texas, a growing area for Stripes, and as pre-roll video for some of the YouTube offerings Stripes will launch during the year.

“Customers will start seeing this commercial in mid-March,” McConnell said.

The goal of the commercial is to highlight the Laredo Taco Co., which is available only at Stripes, he said.

The 14 shots for the commercial were organized in a particular order.

The premise of the commercial is to illustrate what takes place out of sight prior to any taco purchase, including the rolling out of a tortilla, the preparation of the vegetables and the cracking of the eggs for the breakfast tacos.

The items needed to make a breakfast taco were on display for the commercial, but not for consumption. The sneeze guard was removed and the food items enhanced, with who knows what, so it would appear aesthetically pleasing on film.

In addition to the preparation of the tacos, the friendliness of the staff is a focus of the commercial.

“These are the things we want to highlight for the consumer,” he said. “We’re reminding people what they love about us and introducing ourselves to those who haven’t tried us.”

After breakfast, eggs are replaced with grilled chicken and beef for the fajitas tacos available at Laredo Taco Co. for lunch and dinner.

The shoot was scheduled to last for 12 to 13 hours and will be pulled together in post-production, McConnell said.

Sixty-five people, representing production and staff, worked on the commercial.

The Stripes on Adams Avenue will open March 17.

A new store that has yet to open is the perfect site for shooting a commercial.

“We’re not interrupting customers or business,” he said. “As soon as we wrap here today, they’ll start training.”

Stripes has 580 stores in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

The company has plans to build two stores in Killeen and one in Copperas Cove, said Jessica Davilla-Barnett, Stripes public relations director.

“This is a very important market to us,” McConnell said. “Temple is right in the middle of the fastest-growing area in the state of Texas and certainly we want to be here.”

The Adams store is on the southwest corner of Kegley. It’s 7,000 square feet in size and has 20 gas pumps.

“When I came in this morning and I had to sit at the light as the morning traffic went through,” he said. “I thought, ‘This will be great for our breakfast business,’ and ‘This is going to be a great store.’ This store is the best and greatest and latest that Stripes has to offer.”

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