LAMPASAS — A new Stripes Convenience Store at 801 N. Key Ave., is set to open soon, and Lampasas city officials are hoping the location will add another layer of convenience for the traveling public.

According to city officials, the store is set to open within the next month.

“The permit for the construction was issued on the order of about 240 days ago, so the whole project has taken a little bit less than a year,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said. “The way they’ve set these stations up, it’s very convenient for the sale of diesel for truck drivers. Generally speaking, it’s another place to get those (convenient) services for the general public, and we think it will have a positive impact on our sales tax.”

The Stripes opening represents the second store on a scale of large, branded convenience stores to open in Lampasas in less than a year; the Valero Corner Store opened in February.

The Stripes location also sped up the process in infrastructure improvements on the city’s North Interceptor project, designed to upgrade water and wastewater services in hopes of enticing more businesses to open in that area, deGraffenried said,

“The North Interceptor project is one the city has talked about for at least 10 years,” deGraffenried said. “Stripes’ request brought the project back up and gave us the impetus to push it along.”

Work crews recently completed the installation of 2,400 linear feet of water lines and 3,400 linear feet of wastewater lines to the North Interceptor, and one of the few tasks left before giving Stripes the all clear to open is to connect the water lines and test the water.

“One of the things you have to do before connecting is to test the water. It’s a process to let chlorine burn in the line to get all the bacterial contaminants out; if you don’t follow protocol to the letter, you can introduce bacteria,” deGraffenried said.

Stripes Public Relations Director Jessica Davila-Burnett said the company is looking forward to opening in December, and all the company’s store locations strive to be more than a convenience store but a part of the community.

“We’re always looking to expand our business and feel our product will appeal to the community,” Davila-Burnett said. “We’re much more than a convenience store; we’re a neighborhood store that provides quick, friendly service while offering authentic Mexican food under our proprietary business, the Laredo Taco Company.”

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