TEMPLE — The Texas A&M Transportation Institute wants to know what Interstate 35 information travelers find useful.

The institute’s Michelle Hoelscher said it is working with the Texas Department of Transportation’s Waco District to distribute surveys regarding My35’s construction traveler information system.

Results from the survey, which can be accessed at http://my35survey.org, will be used to improve the information dispensed.

Hoelscher said the I-35 corridor between Waco and Salado is one of the areas most affected by construction.

“Temple will be coming under construction in the next six months or so,” she said. “The (current) issue is what we’re trying to do between Waco and Salado. Most of the traffic is from San Antonio and Dallas.”

A previous survey identified the types of information travelers found useful in planning trips, and ways in which they prefer to receive that information. Results from that survey showed traffic wasn’t limited to local drivers. TxDOT officials determined such travelers might be less aware of information available to them for trip planning.

A subscription-based email notification system was created to deliver daily lane closure notifications, a seven-day closure forecast and high impact closure notices.

Hoelscher said providing travelers with information about potential construction-related delays along the 96-mile construction zone, both before and during trips, is essential.

My35 traveler information includes:

A real-time project map that provides speeds, lane closures, traffic delays, travel times and incidents.

TxDOT Twitter feeds that give both general and specific information about travel conditions on I-35.

Information regarding the entire length of I-35 within Texas.

An option to sign up for email alerts about unexpected wrecks or emergency lane closures.

I-35 improvements include expansion from two to three lanes in each direction, improved roadside traveler information, a modern roadway design and the conversion of two-way frontage roads to one-way roads. Hoelscher said the survey will be offered through the end of March. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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