HARKER HEIGHTS — Tap Tap Art School, a unique and creative space, opened its doors on Saturday, to more than 100 families ready to get their hands dirty with art.

A first-of-its-kind school in the area is the brain-child of owner and art teacher Amelia Rabroker, who held a strong desire to share her passion for creative expression with others. “I’m trying to bring art into this community, because there is a void here.”

Live music with DJ and Brandi entertained the crowd strolling about the two-story house with kids dabbling in all sorts of free art classes, like jewelry making and a tile planter workshop, each led by certified art teachers.

In one room, Angelo Gomez demonstrated how to paint a sky. “Tap Tap is wonderful, and I’m ready to start working,” Gomez said. The patio held more classes where kids decorated a wind chime or did tie-dye, sometimes getting more paint on themselves.

“Art is messy but fun,” said Liz Scott of Harker Heights.

The school is an extension of Rabroker’s original art school on wheels, the Tap Tap Bus, which is still in operation. But now, the school has a permanent home at 103 Mountain Lion on an acre of land across from Purser Park.

To spruce up the landscaping, Hidden Falls Nursery helped the kids plant more then 75 flowers in the garden as a free Earth Day project. Many parents took advantage of on-site registration signing up their children for the upcoming summer enrichment services and art camps available for kids ages 5-12. Local eateries, like Bite the Bagel, Rock and Roll Ice Cream, and Simply Clean Eating offered free treats.

Artist Arielle Kittle brought daughter Lilly, 4, to paint and enjoy the grand opening. “Every community needs some kind of art outlet for children, so this is an awesome idea, “Kittle said. Rabroker’s ideas for the school also includes exhibiting the works of local artists. “I want to put art in people’s faces to say we need more art here,” she said. On the patio, Phil Davis,of Killeen, watched his son Cooper, 6, paint a tile, and said the new art school is a refreshing breath of artistic air.

“With so many arts programs being cut in schools, Tap Tap is really needed,” Davis said.

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