The Android app Papyrus is a good replacement for your pocket pad, serving as a digital pen and paper.

The Washington Post

For many, digital note-taking, particularly on the fly, has yet to really surpass the traditional notepad.

Sure, lots of people type faster than they write, but most slow down when they get to a touchscreen keyboard, and the immediacy of putting pen to paper is hard to beat.

The Android app Papyrus, however, gives it a largely successful shot.

The app doesn’t fiddle around with handwriting recognition, which may be a drawback for some, but it does recognize things such as the pressure you’re applying to the screen to make a digital pen stroke thicker or thinner. Users who have an active pen stylus, such as the Samsung S Pen, will get the most out of the app, which also can be operated through pen gestures.

But if you’re looking for a good — and free — replacement for your pocket pad, it’s worth a download. Free, for Android devices.

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