Websites are a powerful tool for businesses, giving owners direct control over the message they are trying to deliver to customers.

Below are 10 reasons why websites are important in today’s world.

1. Cheaper and more flexible than print advertising: The Internet is extremely different from print advertising in that space is cheap, your advertisement is accessible for a longer period of time, the content can be changed without having to ask someone to do it for you (if you use a content management system) and you can potentially reach a wider audience.

2. Market expansion: The Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer with Internet access.

3. Diversify revenue streams: A website is not just a medium for representation of a company, it is a form of media from which everybody can acquire information.

4. 24-7-365: No more turning customers away when it’s time to close shop, putting up a note saying closed for public holiday or leaving an irritating message on an answering service specifying trading hours. Tell them to visit your website for information.

5. Offer convenience: It is far more convenient for a person to research a product on the Internet than it is to get in a car, drive somewhere and ask someone for information on a product.

6. Add value and satisfaction: Your website can add value in other ways too, by featuring tips, advice and general interest content you can entertain your customers. This also will help them remember you better.

7. Standardize sales performance: By looking at which approaches/pitches worked in the past and those which did not, you can produce the ultimate pitch and use it with your website, so you use it on every customer.

8. Improve credibility: A website gives you the opportunity to tell potential customers what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence.

9. Promote your brick and mortar presence: Getting lost trying to find a place can be frustrating for a potential customer. You can publish a map on your website, which shows directions and landmarks graphically, and the potential customer can print it out and take it along.

10. Growth opportunity: A website serves as a great place to refer potential investors to, to show them what your company is about, what it has achieved and what it can achieve in future.

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