Stack Rabbit

Stack Rabbitt is a puzzle app that puts players on the side of Ben, a bunny with a mandate to collect enough vegetables to feed his hungry nieces and nephews.


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Stack Rabbit: Hop in to this engaging puzzle

Disney’s burning up the App Store again with Stack Rabbit, a puzzle game that puts players on the side of Ben, a bunny with a mandate to collect enough vegetables to feed his hungry nephews and nieces. Stack Rabbit offers plenty of fun and challenging puzzles that require players to think fast and critically about the best way to scoop up the right veggies. And all before waking up Max, a not-so-friendly dog that can keep Ben from his goal. The app is free to play, but parents should note that there are some optional paid add-ons. Players may want to wait a bit before downloading; the app was a bit prone to crashes, although that’s likely something developers will be able to fix over time. Free, for iOS and Android devices.

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