Women the focus of magazine by Daily Herald, Temple Daily Telegram

By Lee James

Herald correspondent

The Temple Daily Telegram and the Killeen Daily Heard will launch a new monthly publication called Tex Appeal in late May.

"The magazine will be about people and places that make Central Texas so appealing," said Teresa O'Brien, magazine director. "It will be about life and style in Central Texas."

O'Brien said the magazine's content will focus on women with various themes each month, such as travel and leisure, food, fashion, health and intriguing people.

The magazine, featuring high-quality paper and bright color, debuts with its June edition, which is scheduled for distribution May 24.

O'Brien plans to distribute 30,000 issues each month, with some to targeted neighborhoods and others to newsstands throughout Central Texas.

2 staffers, team of writers

The magazine has two full-time staffers - O'Brien and editor Teresa Hernandez - plus a team of freelance writers and photographers recruited from the area.

With some 30 years of experience in print publishing, O'Brien has focused on community magazines since 2003.

She came to Central Texas from Scottsdale, Ariz., where her O'Brien Magazine Group consulted with newspapers that wanted to start community magazines.

"I've traveled around the country helping newspapers start magazines," said O'Brien, who began in the newspaper business in her native Wisconsin.

Hernandez wrote an outdoor column for the Daily Herald for five years before leaving the area in 2006. She also wrote a column for military spouses during a stint at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

In Springfield, Mo., she edited and co-edited several quarterly trade magazines and became familiar with community publications similar to Tex Appeal.

"It was just me and my daughter, and we didn't know anyone," she said. "I relied heavily on that type of publication. It was very helpful to me."

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