New signs showing VeraBank are on the building in Harker Heights that used to be Union State Bank.

Former Union State Bank branches in Killeen and Harker Heights appear in a fresh look after receiving their new signage earlier this week.

The name change was necessary to avoid duplications after the bank expended into new markets with banks that held similar names.

“We wanted something unique, something that was different and something that we could trademark so that it would be uniquely ours,” said Brad Tidwell, president and CEO of VeraBank. “It’s simple, it’s easy, … it’s distinctive.”

Union State Bank, a 90-year-old, Florence-based financial institution, was formally acquired by Citizens National Bank in January 2018.

While the name change process already started in 2017 and went into effect in January, the signage of all former Union State and Citizens National Banks is expected to be fully transitioned by the beginning of April.

“With 37 branches … it will take us the month of March to get it done,” said Tidwell. “Our schedule says 100 percent of the signage will be replaced by early April unless there will be some problems like constructions issues.”

In addition to offices at 335 E. Farm-to-Market 2410 in Harker Heights, 120 N. Gray St. and 2201 E. Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen, VeraBank has branches in Killeen, Florence, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Round Rock and Temple, offering a full range of banking services.

However, the new signage on the building of the branches in downtown Killeen, south Killeen and Harker Heights have already been completed.

According to bank officials, customers don’t have to expect any changes other than a new look on their debit cards and checkbooks.

“The name change really has no impact on how costumers do business with their money,” Tidwell said.

While checkbooks from the former Union State Bank and Citizens National Bank are still valid, customers in the Killeen and Temple area have already received their replacement cards with the new name on it.

According to Tidwell, account numbers were not subject to change during the renaming process.

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