Vehicle sales

Toyota cars and trucks were the top vehicles sold in Bell County in October, according to the Freeman Auto Report.

Bell County new car sale numbers continue to climb over last year’s numbers — despite a dip in October sales numbers — while sales in Coryell County continue to lag, according to this month’s Freeman Auto Report.

To date, car sales in Bell County are up nearly 9 percent this year, with 16,138 new vehicles being sold since January this year as opposed to 14,827 vehicles that were sold by this time last year. Coryell County sales are down 22.66 percent with 604 units being sold this year compared to 781 vehicles sold by this time last year.

In October, 1,525 new vehicles were sold in Bell County according to the report, compared to 1,648 vehicles sold in October 2017. This amounts to an 7.46 percent decrease.

Coryell numbers continue to be lower than 2017 numbers, with dealerships selling just 45 new vehicles in October compared to 82 vehicles sold in October 2017 — a 45.12 percent decrease.

The most popular selling brand in Bell County in October were Toyotas with 218 cars and trucks sold, according to the report.

Other top sellers were Ford vehicles, with a total of 216 units sold, and Nissans, with a total of 157 units sold.

The most popular vehicles sold in Coryell County were Chevrolets with 15 units sold. Other top sellers were Ram trucks with 11 units sold, and Jeeps, which sold nine units.

New vehicle sales in October

Bell County

  • Ford cars — 176
  • Toyota cars — 161
  • Nissan cars — 135
  • Honda cars — 111
  • Ram trucks — 83

Coryell County

  • Ram trucks — 11
  • Chevrolet cars — 10
  • Jeeps — 9
  • Chevrolet trucks — 5
  • GMC trucks — 3

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