There’s a new taste in town. A super taste that complements the food depending on the menu.

The taste that gives an accent of flavor and gives off an emotional mood, drawn by the environment. For the tasty décor, it serves its purpose well.

For the occasional social drinker, a glass of wine is a way to complement dinner plans, an evening with friends, or just a night out on the town. With the wine business boosting, there is a rapid growth of wineries in the Central Texas area. From Killeen, Temple to Florence and Salado, wine is the new way of life for most.

“Wine is a lifestyle,” said co-owner Vira Chudasma. “Just being around wine, talking about wine, drinking wine, and being around other people who drink wine makes it popular.”

The Nolan Creek Winery is located in downtown Belton, the winery opened in 2013. Since then, business has been a success and getting more popular every day.

People flock to the winery to enjoy some of the finest imported and domestic wines in the world.

One things that separates wineries from the regular bar setting is the atmosphere. Wine generates a mellow and relaxing environment for customers.

“With a variety of wines and producers, I see from now, and the next 25 years it will be completely different,” said Chudasma.

For Ralph Deal and Chuin Chi, the owners of the new establishment, TYKU wine bar, “the wine market here is untapped. There are a lot of women with organization, whether it be with the military, or wine clubs, they really didn’t have a place to go to,” Deal said.

With a big city scale wine bar, Chi and Deal hope this will open the door for more opportunity in the future.

“The flood gate is still closed until we open it up,” he said. A few advantages of the wine bar is location and its historical attribute.

The wine bar is located in newly renovated downtown Killeen.

It’s rewarding for those in the wine business and the hope for the future is prominent.

“[The] Texas wine industry is booming compared to Napa and other wine regions. It’s the fifth largest industry in the United States, and it’s the fastest growing region in the world, if not the world, the United States,” Chudasma said.

Right now, there are more than 38 locations in the Central Texas area.

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All over town there has been a hulabaloo over this wine bar. I took a chance and went to see what all the hype was about. Wow was I disappointed. Not only was the wine expensive but they charge you to get in the door.
I have to say there is a new and better wine bar on the south part of town, Stillhouse wine bar is 100% better not only with their ambience, prices and variety, but the personality of the place is great (and no cost to enter)

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