Opening her own business is a dream come true for Teanna Casteel. Her business, Complete Health Massage in Killeen, celebrates its grand opening today.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur said she never had a massage but knew she wanted to help people in some health care field.

“The idea of helping people manage their pain attracted me to the profession,” Casteel said.

Known as a go-getter by family and friends, the Virginia native graduated one year early from high school and married when she was 17. Pregnant with her second child when she was 19, she still attended regular classes at massage school, even though her doctor ordered her on bed rest.

“I’ve always pushed myself,” she said.

Casteel kept pursuing her goal with strong support from her parents and especially her husband, Vonderek, a government contractor.

“He said to me, ‘One day, I’m going to get you a business,’” Casteel said. “We saved for one year to get enough money to start it.”

So far, it has cost about $20,000 to open the shop without the aid of loans and business partners.

“Lots of people doubted me, especially when I got married so young,” Casteel said. “I wanted to prove them wrong.”

It took two months to renovate the 800-square-foot shop.

She painted the walls blue and white to give it a health care appeal and added new carpeting, furniture and wall decorations for a fresh touch. Much of the massage equipment in the three private patient rooms is new.

Three patients have already booked massages when the shop opens, and she expects more will soon follow.

Unlike a spa for relaxation, Casteel focuses on taking away a patient’s pain using massage methods, such as Swedish or deep tissue.

Communicating with her patients is key to understanding how best to help them. For shy clients, Casteel uses the “thumbs up or down” method for them to let her know if she is using the right amount of pressure.

Former patient Roxanne Acevedo praised Castell for helping with her headaches.

“Teanna went above and beyond in getting rid of my headaches,” Acevedo said. “She made every minute count, and that’s what I love about her. I know I got my money’s worth.”

For Casteel, the main benefit is helping her patients while providing a better life for her family.

“All the education, all the sacrifices and work is worth it when a client says that’s the best massage he’s ever had,” Casteel said. “I love being a massage therapist and it is what I was meant to do.”

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