The top three vote-getters and unofficial winners in the Salado Board of Alderman election were Rodney Bell, John Cole and Amber L. Dankert, edging out Linda M. Reynolds in the field of four for three spots.

Dankert had 316 or 27.9 percent, Cole, 313 or 27.7 percent and Bell 299, or 26.5 percent. Reynolds had 202, or 17.9 percent, according to unofficial results.

Two of the open seats are held by Aldermen Andy Jackson and Michael McDougal, who did not seek re-election. The third was left vacant by Fred Brown, who resigned.

The Herald asked candidates several questions before the election. One of them was about growth.

Bell said, “We are at a crossroads in this growth pattern and how we address the growth is a major concern. We need to have a better working relationship between Planning and Zoning and the Board of Aldermen.” He said, “If developers want to be in our community, they should not expect waivers from the village.”

Cole said, “I believe growth problems can be managed, if in-depth studies and all they encompass are performed and analyzed. The city must plan and forecast projected growth and plant shade trees today, for the Salado of tomorrow.”

Dankert said, “Managed growth will mean more opportunity for businesses without minimizing quality of life of current residents. This may mean setting limits on minimum lot sizes, and requiring more green space in planned communities.”

Reynolds did not participate.

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