The mayoral race is heating up in Nolanville, with two candidates vying for the seat. Andy Williams, current board member of the Nolanville Economic Development Corp. and alternate on the board of the Planning and Zoning Committee is running against former mayor and city council member Keith Biggs.

Q: How do you hope to see Nolanville grow in the next few years?

Williams: I would like to see us grow not only in numbers, but as a community and as a family. I hope to see more businesses coming in, especially those that offer things for kids and families to do. We can do this by making economically smart government decisions.

Biggs: I would like to work closely with the EDC to bring more businesses in, specifically a convenience store or Family Dollar-type store.

Q: What would you propose in the way of adding services to the city?

Williams: We just added a Boys and Girls Club here, and I would love to see more things to bring us together as a community. I would like for there to be more community events and more things for families to do. I believe if we are all closer together as a community, it will be easier to bring about and accept change. I would also like to see more jobs come to Nolanville. Lastly, I would like to see police officers getting out in the community and interacting with the citizens and really building that relationship so that people don’t just see the police as meaning something is wrong.

Biggs: I would like to see the community center utilized more as a resource for our elderly citizens as well as our teenagers.

Q: What makes you the best candidate?

Williams: I am a leader in the community that is working for the community. I am not doing this for personal gain, but I’m doing it so that I can make people’s voices be heard. The only way to grow as a community is to listen to what the people want and give 100 percent of yourself to making it happen.

Biggs: I have prior experience serving the community. I was on the Planning and Zoning Committee, the City Council, and I have served as mayor previously.

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