• December 20, 2014

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Biography : Mr. Doyle directs the Fort Hood Environmental Support Team.  He is responsible for Pollution Prevention (P2), Environmental Management Systems, and Sustainability programs at Fort Hood.  Mr. Doyle served in the U.S. Army for 12 years as a Chemical Operations Specialist and a Motor Transport Operator. He has performed numerous duties worldwide, including serving as Hazardous Waste Manager at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and Environmental Compliance Inspector at Fort Hood. Mr. Doyle joined Fort Hood’s Environmental Team in February 1995.

    Mr. Doyle has the privilege of his companion and crutch of 20 years, Ms. Maria (Yasmin) Fresse.   Mr. Doyle has three children and three grandchildren.  He hails from a small town in eastern Iowa.  Growing up in Iowa, he was taught at a young age to conserve our natural resources, learn from others, do the right thing, and strive for a sustainable culture for our future generations.

    Mr. Doyle’s political and community service began when he took residence in Killeen the second time in 1993.  He has been called upon numerous times by city staff and elected officials to serve in different capacities.  He first served on the landscaping committee for Killeen, went on to serve as a subject matter expert on recycling and environmental issues.  In addition, Mr. Doyle was appointed to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals – Zoning, currently serving as the Chair.  Mr. Doyle also serves on the Board of Adjustment and Appeals –Fire, although that board has never met.  Lastly, until he announced his candidacy for Council Member, he served as a staff member for the CENTEX Sustainable Communities Partnership.   

Mr. Doyle consistently shows initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness in preventing pollution on Fort Hood. An able team leader, he has developed new technologies, forged partnerships, educated soldiers, and spearheaded effective programs that promise results for years to come. His initiatives increase overall cost avoidance, improved program efficiency, and enhanced environmental knowledge for soldiers and civilians—an indirect but important benefit that supports Fort Hood’s training mission - as well as continued pollution prevention successes. Recognized by the Governor of Texas, the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, the Secretary of Defense, and the White House, Mr. Doyle and the Fort Hood Pollution Prevention Program will continue to set the example for Army installations in the 21st century.

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