Three incumbents were re-elected to their seats on the Killeen City Council, according to unofficial results Saturday night.

With a total of 1,650 votes cast across three districts, residents voted for Debbie Nash-King, Jim Kilpatrick, and Steve Harris to reclaim seats in their respective districts. Results will be official after they are canvassed.

District 1 councilwoman Shirley Fleming was unopposed and the city canceled the District 1 election.

Debbie Nash-King was the top vote-getter with 446 votes.

Incumbent Nash-King won District 2 by nearly 288 votes more than her opponents combined, taking or 73.9% of the votes cast. Mellissa Brown received 89 votes, or 14.7% and William Baumgartner with 69 votes, or 11.4%.

“First off, I am very and truly thankful to God for allowing me another opportunity to serve the community,” Nash-King said. “When I saw the numbers doubled, I was overwhelmed with joy. I had an excellent social media team. I had poll walkers and block walkers. But most importantly, I pray that my two opponents that I ran against today that they will be willing to work with me and continue to make our district better.”

Brown said this election was a great experience.

“I had a chance to talk to so many people and to meet with many citizens. I’m excited to go home and take a nap and get ready for the next city council meeting on Tuesday,” she said.

First-time candidate Baumgartner, who said he will run for an at-large seat next year, added he is going to be more proactive the next time around.

In District 3, Kilpatrick took 348 votes, or 46.7% of the vote to Sandra Blandkenship’s 299 votes, or 40.2%, to secure his third consecutive council term.

“It reaffirms that the people of district three are pleased with the progress that we’ve made and want to continue with this progress,” Kilpatrick said.

Tolly James Jr. placed third with 97 votes, or 13%.

For District 4, incumbent Steve Harris defeated opponent Brockley Moore with 181 votes. or 59.9 % of the vote to Moore’s 121 votes, or 40.1%.

With the win, Harris secured his second consecutive council term and third overall.

“It feels good to know that what I’ve done over the past two years people appreciate it and came back out and believed in me. They gave me a chance to continue what I’ve been doing and hopefully I can do more for them and make them even more proud,” Harris said.

The re-elected members will be sworn in on May 14 before the regular city council meeting.

Moore, James and Blankenship were not available for comment at press time Saturday.

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