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District 3 candidate Sandra Blankenship raised the most among Killeen City Council candidates in monetary contributions for the filing period that ended Friday, with $2,858.27 in contributions.

District 3 incumbent Jim Kilpatrick reported $250 in contributions and $1,119.75 in political expenditures. He had $3,386.67 in contributions maintained.

Blankenship reported spending $2,684.46 and had $1,262.37 maintained.

Debbie Nash-King reported she raised $350 in monetary contributions, loaned herself $5,780 and has $3,300 unpaid incurred obligations. She reported having $1,122.79 in contributions maintained. She reported $300 in total political expenditures.

District 1 Councilwoman Shirley Fleming, although not obligated to file a report, said she raised $25. She reported $79.34 in expenditures and had $69.59 remaining. Fleming, an incumbent, had no opposition and the city canceled the District 1 election.

No other council candidates filed reports.


In the last filing period, which was 30 days before the election, three candidates in the Killeen City Council election May 4 each reported raising more than $3,600 in campaign funds. Those reports were supposed to reflect all funds raised and spent until that April 4 deadline.

Campaign finance disclosure reports outline how a candidate for office raises and spends money during a run for office. Per state law and Texas Ethics Commission guidelines, local candidates must submit disclosure forms 30 and eight days before a contested election.

In the April report, District 4 candidates Brockley Moore had reported the most funds raised with $4,000 in contributions and $2,541 cash on hand. Moore spent $1,469 during the filing period.

Kilpatrick reported $3,625 in contributions with $4,256.42 in cash on hand. Kilpatrick spent $2,042.08 during the filing period.

Blankenship, who is running against Kilpatrick in District 3, had reported $3,775.82 in contributions with $1,433.56 in cash on hand. Blankenship spent $3,333.23 during the filing period.

Nash-King had reported $2,052.11 in contributions, $1,853.55 expenditures and $772.79 in cash on hand.

Nash-King’s opponents Will Baumgartner and Mellisa Brown had reported no contributions with no cash on hand.

District 3 candidate Tolly James Jr. had reported no contributions, $158 cash on hand, and $285.32 in expenditures for the filing period.

District 4 candidate Steve Harris, the incumbent, had reported no contributions during the filing period with no cash on hand. Harris spent no money during the filing period.

Fleming had reported $450 in contributions with $73.93 cash on hand. Fleming spent $376.07 during the filing period.

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