Election 2019

Killeen City Council candidates will be invited to address the public at a candidate forum March 4.

The Killeen Daily Herald and KDHnews sponsor forums and hold them early in the campaign season as a public service. The filing period for local offices begins Wednesday and continues through Feb. 15. The election is May 4.

The March forum, like previous KDH forums, is being planned and moderated by Herald newsroom staff. Questions asked of candidates pertain to local issues. The Herald lets the community and candidates know in advance some subject areas to be covered.

The forum is one of several ways the Herald informs the public about candidates.

Here are the May races the Herald will be covering:

Belton City Council

Belton Independent School District

Central Texas College Board of Trustees

Florence City Council

Florence Independent School District

Harker Heights City Council

Killeen City Council

Killeen Independent School District

Lampasas City council

Lampasas Independent School District

Here are ways the Herald and KDH will provide information on the issues and candidates:

1 - Filing announcements: The Herald will strive to report each person’s official filing. Candidates, please send us a headshot photo to go with the brief announcement that you have filed. Email this to news@kdhnews.com, along with the best phone number to contact you. Please type CANDIDATE in the subject field of the email. Your email and phone number will not be published.

2 - An online mini-bio form for candidates to fill out: Candidates who have filed for office in their official jurisdictions can go to http://bit.ly/KDHbios and fill out the information form. KDH staff will post these mini-bios daily, during business hours. The forms will be published as written, subject to specified limits on text and adherence to KDH standards on fairness and decency. In other words, candidates should not use this platform to attack others or use profanity.

3 - Multiple news stories: Reporters will contact candidates throughout the campaign period for comments on local issues. This is to help residents learn about candidates’ positions on topics affecting them and to help candidates communicate with the public. Coverage will include campaign finance reports and news developments.

4 - An Election Guide: The Herald will publish an Election Guide on April 21, the Sunday before early voting begins. A list of questions will be emailed to candidates in early April to be returned by April 10. Herald staff will align the Q&A for each race in a manner that best serves readers trying to compare candidates’ answers. Please make sure we have your email address to send questions and your headshot photo to run with answers. Please adhere to the response deadline. The guide takes time to put together.

5 - Videos: The Herald will video Q&A sessions with the candidates and post the interviews. A Herald reporter will ask three questions tailored to the community issues. Please email news@kdhnews.com to set up an appointment for a video interview.

6 - Election night stories: The Herald will cover election results and will seek comments from candidates. Please make sure we have your best contact that night.

7 - Election night live coverage: The Herald will have Facebook Live coverage of election results and will include candidates’ watch parties when possible. If you are having or attending a results-watching party, please let us know.

What: Killeen candidate forum

Who: Killeen Council candidates, District 1, 2, 3, 4

When: The forum will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. March 4, a Monday. Doors will open at 6 p.m.

Where: Killeen Civic and Conference Center, 3601 South W.S. Young Drive in Killeen.

Seats up for election:

Killeen City Council:

District 1 — incumbent Shirley Fleming

District 2 — incumbent Debbie Nash-King

District 3 — incumbent Jim Kilpatrick

District 4 — incumbent Steve Harris

Killeen ISD Board of trustees:

Trustee — incumbent Corbett Lawler

Trustee — incumbent Susan Jones

Trustee — incumbent Shelley Wells

Harker Heights City Council:

Place 1 — incumbent Hal Schiffman

Place 3 — incumbent Jackeline Soriano Fountain

Belton City Council:

Councilman — incumbent David K. Leigh

Councilman — incumbent John Holmes

Councilman — incumbent Craig Pearson

Belton ISD Board of Trustees:

Area 1 — incumbent Jeff Norwood

Area 2 — incumbent Dr. Rosie Montgomery

Area 3 — incumbent Sue M. Jordan

Area 5 — incumbent Manuel Alcazar

Lampasas City Council:

Mayor — incumbent Misti Talbert

Place 1 — incumbent Delana Toups

Place 2 — incumbent Robert McCauley

Place 6 — incumbent T.J. Monroe

Lampasas ISD Board of Trustees:

Place 4 — incumbent Kirk Whitehead

Place 5 — incumbent David Millican

Florence City Council:

Alderman — incumbent Lisa Ragsdale

Alderman — incumbent Kory Woolverton

Alderman — incumbent Richard Moon

Florence ISD Board of Trustees:

Place 6 — incumbent Jason Earp

Place 7 — incumbent Joshua Atkinson

Central Texas College Board of Trustees:

Place 1 - Jimmy Towers, Chair, Killeen (term ends 2019)

Place 2 - Mari Meyer (Place 2), Vice Chair, Harker Heights (term ends 2019)

Place 3 - Dr. Joe Burns, Copperas Cove (term ends 2019)

Place 5 - Brenda Coley, Killeen (term ends 2019) — she filled unexpired term of Scott Isdale; will have to run again in 2021


The Herald and KDHnews do not endorse candidates.

The news and advertising department are separate.

Your news release should go to the news department. There is no charge.

Here’s the role of the newsroom:

The newsroom’s obligation is to the public.

We report on the issues that affect residents and taxpayers of our communities and seek to convey candidates’ positions to the public.

We seek to treat all candidates fairly. We do not favor candidates or carry their agendas.

We will do our best to balance candidates’ news events without undue play for a particular candidate.

Here is how to contact the news department: via email at news@kdhnews.com or via phone at 254-501-7540. If you have trouble with those contacts, please call or email Managing Editor Rose Fitzpatrick, rosef@kdhnews.com 254-501-7469.

The newsroom does not make decisions about ads.

For advertisements:

The advertising department develops paid ads for its clients. The ad representatives do not make decisions about news coverage.

Here is how to contact the ad department: 254-501-7500 or ad representative Anthony Edwards, aedwards@kdhnews.com, 254-501-7521


Jan. 1: First day to apply for ballot by mail (Yes, even though it’s a holiday)

Jan. 16: First day to file for place on general election ballot (for local political subdivisions only)

Feb. 15, at 5 p.m.: Last day to file for place on general election ballot (for local political subdivisions only)

Feb. 15: Last day to order general election or election on a measure

April 4: Last day to register to vote

April 22: First day of voting by early appearance

April 23: Last day to apply for ballot by mail

April 30: Last day to vote early by personal appearance

May 4: Election Day and deadline, at 7 p.m., to receive ballots by mail (unless a late-arriving deadline applies)

254-501-7469 | rosef@kdhnews.com

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