Plans for the new chemical plant coming to Killeen seem to be on schedule.

Workers were clearing the area of land in the Killeen Industrial Park off Twin Creek Drive on Monday.

Scott Hancock, a spokesman for MGC Pure Chemicals America, said in a previous interview that the company planned to begin construction in December 2017.

The construction process must happen in different phases, according to John Crutchfield, the executive director of the Killeen Economic Development Corporation.

Before anything, MGC is required to obtain a land disturbance permit.

The company filed for that with the city of Killeen in September.

In November, MGC filed for a building permit application with the city of Killeen.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has received an application for a storage tank and change of service permit Oct. 26. Additional information was requested from the company Nov. 13 and Nov. 30, according to TCEQ spokesman Andrew Keese.

That information has been provided to the TCEQ, and the application is currently being processed through a final review. “We anticipate a decision to be reached on the permit on or about Dec. 8,” Keese said. “At this time, the TCEQ does not have any additional air quality applications pending for MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc.”

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Prayer changes all situations we encounter. The City of Killeen needs prayer. There's been enough talking concerning the City of Killeen. Let's all unite in prayer around City Hall and watch what our Heavenly Father will do for the City of Killeen!


Will KILLeen allow the KING's special committee to build city owned bordellos, crack houses, weed stores, or all manner of places of ill repute and activity? The King is smiling, as KILLeen is rocketing for rock bottom. Will the name be changed to protect the guilty and invite them to a free range home: KILL, TX?


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

Statement: 'Where is the justice for a city that obfuscates the rules based on a small fraction of the city council.'

To my knowledge, the city administration has hidden the facts from the general public, on many occasions by limiting the general knowledge to a fraction of the city council and withheld from the public the general knowledge of conditions of fact that paperwork is and has been going on without general knowledge of the citizens.

Copy: 'Plans for the new chemical plant coming to Killeen seem to be on schedule.'

Continuation of copy: 'The company filed for that with the city of Killeen in September.' End of copy.

Question: 'Where is the justice when a small fraction of a city council can and does hold a city hostage for the pursuit of it's own purposes????

I still contend that since 1990, the KEDC has accomplished, for it's own purposes, control of this city council by inserting, through deceit, what it could not accomplish through normal activities of city charter, the manipulating of control wrested from the city council. I contend that if you care to see what this means of manipulation by a minority of city council members can and will influence what can be done.

I contend that by the insertion of fraction of city council membership along with the office of the mayor, through manipulation by a minority of city council members, as it only takes a quorum of 4 member of the city council, and on certain occasions, with the assistance of the mayor to put into action the objectives of this minority of membership of the city council.

I further contend that with this city council action, in 1990 it gained control of this city council thereby allowing the manipulation of the city council to grant to the KEDC the activity that allowed this group of individuals to complete activities that gave control and the ability to 'act in own recognizance an action that was in it's own best interest regardless of what this city council would recognize. This action had in effect, took on it's own, and without notice of the full membership of the city council, an action that was in effect, contrary to what the full body of this council would have been successful and to the benefit of this city, and it continues on to this day.

I therefore call on this city manager, Mr Ron Olsen to ask for a vote of the city council, using what was called a superior majority of the council, a vote on what should be the continuance of the membership of the city council itself in an organization, KEDC, a private corporation. This vote by a super majority would then be for countenance of the operation of the city council as members of this organization.

I believe that there should be a complete and total separation of this organization and any continued city council membership in any form whatsoever.

This I believe should be viewed as 'separation of powers of state between operational entities'. 'You don't want the fox in the chicken coup', a fact that is, to this individual, is prevalent. I believe in there should be a complete and total separation of powers between the city council and the KEDC itself. Therefor I call on our city manager, Mr. Ron Olsen, to use this very fact that has been introduced by the city manager, or at the very least, to call for a vote of the continued operation of membership of this organization by the city council without the requirement of any sitting member of the present city council and/or mayor.

I further call on each and every sitting council member to call for the displacement of city council membership in the KEDC. Let us clean up our act by the city council to make this so.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

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