By Holly Wise

The Cove Herald

LAMPASAS - The Lampasas Independent School District and the Texas Education Agency will have a close two-year-long relationship after the district was rated academically unacceptable following a data-input error.

Penny Curry, an external campus intervention team member with the TEA, told the school board Monday she will assist the district and campus over the next two years to help it reach an academically acceptable status.

LISD Superintendent Randy Hoyer said the district will have to abide by the regulations and "be academically acceptable for two years in order to get off the commissioner's list."

The district was rated academically unacceptable after a data-input error misrepresented 13 middle school students as dropouts –- three students over the state's maximum of 10 or 1.8 percent of the student population.

In fact, only one student actually dropped out.

Curry explained that a campus improvement team must be in place. The CIT will be implemented regardless of whether or not the district's appeal of the rating is accepted.

"No one wants to go through it, but there have been good things put into place to make us better," said Nancy Yeary, LISD assistant superintendent.

The CIT, made up of district staff and administration, has formed a school-improvement plan, which includes parental involvement, improving attendance and providing mentoring programs for students.

Curry said the district is implementing stringent methods of tracking students who leave the district by improving the forms and procedures. There has also been an increase in the number of staff who input and checks the submitted data.

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