By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

Atmos Energy began replacing natural gas service lines to about 300 customers in Copperas Cove on Wednesday.

"We already have a safe and reliable gas system in the city," said Doug Hill, public affairs manager for Atmos Energy in Waco. "This is literary just an upgrade of our system. We want to make sure we continue to have a safe and reliable system."

The lines that Atmos Energy is replacing are old steel lines that were probably placed through Copperas Cove some time in the 1950's, said Hill. The company is now using a modern poly pipe that will be inserted directly into the old existing metal service lines.

The only portion of the lines being replaced during this process is from the larger gas main to the costumers' meter. That is the only portion of the service line for which the company is responsible.

According to a news release from the city of Copperas Cove, the gas provider's contract crews will be in the areas of U.S. Highway 190, Carothers Street, Virginia Avenue and Bond Street.

The work being done conducted shouldn't effect drivers, said Hill. Most of the work is being done in a "city parkway" or behind the curb of the street.

Replacing the lines shouldn't effect the residents who are using the gas in their residence.

"It will be temporarily rerouted," said Hill. "We also are going to be using a bypass tool, so we can pass the service line and hopefully the customer won't be without gas. We will use that tool everywhere we can. It actually allows us to continue to service the customer and for us to continue to work."

The company will notify the resident or business 48 hours before the work begins by first attempting to speak directly with the customer.

Customers who are not available will have a flier left at the door that explains the process.

Hill did not know when the work in the area would be completed.

Atmos provides an average of 4,600-cubic-feet of gas to a residential customer per month, and its goal is not to interrupt the flow of the energy substance to those people, said Hill.

"We want to cause the least amount of interference to the public and to the customers as possible," said Hill, "and we appreciate every ones understanding while we do the work."

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