By Holly Wise

The Cove Herald

Copperas Cove Independent School District Superintendent Rose Cameron was granted a contractual one-year extension and a pay increase, making the five-year agreement the longest she can have under state regulations.

"It was a strong unanimous opinion," school board president Joan Manning said. The board deliberated last week during an executive workshop session that lasted most of the day.

The board evaluates the superintendent on an annual basis as required by the state. Cameron's previous contract was dated July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2015. The school board's decision extended her contract to June 30, 2016. Her previous contract outlined an annual salary of $150,000, and the board agreed to give her a three-percent raise.

Cameron's benefit package includes group health and hospitalization insurance, $100 a month cell phone allowance, membership to community organizations, and the same sick and vacation leave as other district administration personnel. The district will also pay for an annual physical examination to ensure the superintendent is fit for her duties.

"We're doing really well in many areas," Manning said, citing academics and facility upgrades as areas of improvement and completion rate as an area of concern.

"We're working really hard on that," she said. "They're doing things to try and make a difference for next year."

Manning attributed positive changes in the district to Cameron's leadership.

"It is because of her leadership and we appreciate her," Manning said.

Cameron was hired as superintendent in June 2006 after serving CCISD as the deputy superintendent since 2003.

Before coming to CCISD, Cameron was the assistant professor at Tarleton State University in the Educational Administration, Counseling, and Psychology Department.

The Lampasas Independent School District board of directors also unanimously agreed to extend the contract of Superintendent Randy Hoyer last week.

"Mr. Hoyer knows the school business backwards and forwards," said school board president James Briggs. "He's just an asset to the community and an asset to the school district; we're proud to have him."

Hoyer's contract was extended through June 30, 2014, and did not include a pay raise.

Briggs said Hoyer has made "sound decisions" for the district and is a "good manager of our funds."

Academic achievement throughout the district has improved since Hoyer was hired in June 2009, Briggs said.

"The way he deals with the public and the employees is just outstanding," Briggs said. "He's put some procedures for processes in place that I think will pay great dividends in the future for our students."

Hoyer said he was "very happy" with the board's decision.

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