By Jon Schroeder

The Cove Herald

Tuesday was a quiet meeting for the Copperas Cove Independent School District, with the district making several minor policy changes.

That’s partially a reflection of the time of year — last September’s meeting was similarly uneventful, Deputy Superintendent Bobby Ott said, but it may also partially be a reflection of the year thus far.

With no grades moving around this year and few changes in administration (only three assistant principals are new and the entire central staff has experience in CCISD), “It’s been a really smooth start,” Ott said.

He added that some principals in the district actually feel some slight trepidation at the ease with which the school year has begun, wondering if it might be “the calm before the storm.”

The first policy change deals with how the district handles homebound education care. A change in in Texas Education Agency policy — the removal of the word “consecutive” in conjunction with the four-weeks standard — gives school districts more flexibility in dealing with homebound education.

The board voted Tuesday to update its policy to match on Monday.

The longest discussion from Monday’s workshop, deciding which programs and major functions of the district to examine in this year’s sunset process, was tabled Tuesday at the meeting.

The district also voted to adopt a 403(b) plan by December, a move Ott stressed was not a local decision.

“That was not an imposed local requirement,” he said. “That was required by the IRS.”

In other action, the district made several recognitions at Tuesday’s meeting:

Mikayla Miller and Rachel Jost, both from Clements/Parsons Elementary School, were both selected as delegates in Education in Action’s 2008 Lone Star Leadership Academy, intended to provide learning and leadership opportunities to outstanding Texas fifth- and sixth-graders.

The Copperas Cove Fire Department recently put on a program, called “Mentoring Industrious Minds and Educating Students.”

Fifteen seventh graders participated in the program, which was held at the Copperas Cove Fire Station. From the CCISD packet, the students participated in daily fire station activities, learned to use fire prevention equipment and worked with fire fighters to learn basic history and fire fighting techniques. This is the third summer that the district and fire department have worked together to bring seventh graders training with the firefighters. Battalion Chief Mike Ramminger, Capt. Jamey Piper and Lt. Kellie Mozek were the lead instructors in the program.

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