By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

Copperas Cove launched a redesign of its website Nov. 3 that hopefully will ease resident access and update its appearance.

"The new design incorporates changes that allow more convenient access to information and provides improved guidance to specific information," said City Manager Andrea Gardner about the site. "The design is also modern and pleasing to the reader."

The website, which is run through the city's information systems department, is constantly updated with new information, but the design hasn't been modified in more than two years, said Greg Mitchell, director of the department. It took the department about two months to implement the current changes, and the department is dedicated to improving the use of and information available on the site.

Mitchell said with this change, city wanted to create a "cleaner" looking page for residents and other online visitors. It also wanted to provide them with information more directly.

The site now makes use of faster drop-down menus and has a scrollable quick links bar and a directory contact page, among other features.

While the website may look different to online visitors, frequent users of the virtual gateway to the city won't notice any change in information, Mitchell said. "Some things might be moved around a bit but mostly the content is the same. … We have moved all of the old content to the new website."

Another change that some may notice is the website's compatibility with browsers, Mitchell said. The old site used several Flash and Java script items that would often appear different in various web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Different software was used during the redesign to ensure the website looks the same in all the browsers.

Gardner said the major goal of the website is to be used as a communication tool between the municipality and its residents, visitors and potential developers.

"We always hope that residents look at the city's website," said Mitchell. "There is a lot of good information there. Residents can find out everything they want to know about the Copperas Cove city government on the website, so we are hoping they will use that as a resource."

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