By Audrey Spencer

The Cove Herald

To attract businesses and builders to Copperas Cove, the city's economic development corporation is creating a website that will allow site selectors to see what it has to offer.

"The success of this campaign will mean job opportunities, more property tax revenue, more sales tax revenue, more residents, and more shopping and dining opportunities," said Monica Hull, director of business development at the corporation.

The website is being developed by Mississippi-based Marketing Alliance Inc., which develops websites for economic development organizations.

"Large companies use people that specialize in site selection," said Rich Winter, creative director at Marketing Alliance. "The main reason to have a web presence is that's the first avenue a site selector takes."

Still under construction, the website opens with links to maps of the Shops at Five Hills, Business Park and Technology Park properties. From there, site-selecting officials from companies possibly looking to expand or relocate in Copperas Cove will be able to click onto different layers of the maps, starting from a national view and zooming in to a specific view of the available properties.

"Once you get past the national view, you can see some major airports, highways and railways," said Hull. "When you get to the regional view, you can see where the highways and airports are. It gives businesses an idea of where we are in the state and what transportation options are available to them. For a lot of companies, this is important to find out."

Marketing Alliance has built similar sites for economic development organizations across the southeast section of the country. Two of its clients reported that the website helped their cities see expansion even in the middle of a recession.

"People used to print out a lot of materials and mail them (to site selectors)," said Winters.

"A lot of times, the prospect only needed one thing or still had questions. It was really inefficient."

The website will allow the economic development corporation to update and change information on the fly, so site selectors will be able to get the most up-to-date information in their research.

Panoramic photos of the property showing current states of construction will be available, as well as specifications about the area.

For example, specifications for the Shops at Five Hills property would include the layout of the shopping center, demographics and marketing information specific to that property.

"I looked at all the requests for information we got in the last two years and looked at common threads of what information was asked of us," said Hull. "Things like sales and property taxes, incentive information - be they training funds or job creation grants - infrastructure, and anything a business might require to move to Copperas Cove."

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