By Jon Schroeder

The Cove Herald

GATESVILLE — If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a map of Coryell County is worth a thousand numbers. That’s because county officials took steps Monday toward creating a new map of the county, using the Central Texas Council of Governments’ 911 list as a reference for street locations.

While the county has been long in need of an updated map recent developments — resident questions about which roads are county roads and an incorrect map of the county brought to light at the court’s last meeting — prompted officials to begin constructing a new, up-to-date map of the county.

The 911 list, which is a 1,000-page document that includes every address in the county, served as a starting point and was the basis for the creation of a map prominently displayed during the meeting.

That data will be cross referenced with date from the appraisal district to ensure accuracy in placement of roads.

The map will ultimately created in a few months in a “totally open process” which residents can help facilitate, County Judge John Firth said.

In 60 days, Coryell residents will be able to voice opinions and concerns about which roads are county roads (which residents cannot block and the county must maintain) and which are not.

That topic is one that has come up in the last few months several times, and residents have brought their cases before the court individually. By creating a map and hosting a resident forum, county officials hope to deal with many of these issues at the same time.

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