By Joyce May

The Cove Herald

Place 4 Councilman James Stockman has broken his silence to defend himself against allegations of credit card abuse, saying he has become “the victim of pre-election mudslinging.”

“I am breaking my self-imposed silence at the request of family and election supporters this one time to ask that the voters of Copperas Cove to stand by my past record of not only my military service, but also as a community volunteer, and my record of service on the Copperas Cove City Council for the past three years,” Stockman said.

Texas Ranger Marcus Hilton, who is stationed in Temple, confirmed in early April that he is investigating Stockman, but could not comment further on the open investigation.

Shortly thereafter, the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Coryell County met and issued a statement that it had reported the allegations to the Texas Rangers and is cooperating with the investigation into whether Stockman misused his authority concerning financial transactions at the organization.

The allegations came as Stockman, 52, seeks re-election to the Place 4 position on the council.

“Recently, I have become the victim of pre-election mudslinging. I have served my country honorably for 26 year and become a community volunteer for several non-profit organizations, and I find it offensive that for whatever reason I have become the subject of this mudslinging.”

Stockman is a former Boys and Girls Club board volunteer, but according to the board’s statement, has not been affiliated with the club since the end of 2004.

“I have voted to support the citizen’s right to vote on the tax ceiling and have provided my support to the current Mayor. I have done nothing wrong,” Stockman said. “I find it just a little convenient that as the election approached, I learned about the investigation from the same newspaper article that the rest of the community read. It is my desire to continue to support the citizens of Copperas Cove as the place 4 city council member. I will not lower myself to comment further on this pre-election mudslinging.”

Coryell County District Attorney David Castillo said he could not release any details until Hilton completes his work.

Stockman is an aviation regional manager on Fort Hood. He has lived in Copperas Cove for 18 years and has been active in the community during that time, serving currently as president of the Citizens Fire and Public Safety Volunteer Association and as board president of the Cove Country Opry.

Charlotte Heinze, a Copperas Cove High School marketing teacher, is running against Stockman.

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