By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

Last week Copperas Cove saw several repeat offenses that could signal summer time is here.

"Normally the summer brings more criminal mischiefs incidents," said Sgt. Kevin Keller, spokesman for the Copperas Cove Police Department. "Detectives do see an increase in (criminal mischief) case load."

Keller said there is a number of reasons those types of cases increase during the summer, but he wouldn't say if the department believes students were to blame.

For instance on Saturday, several vehicles in the 700 block of South 15th were reported to have been damaged at the same time, stated information from the police department.

"It looks like they were all reported at the same time," said Keller, who noted they were random incidents that occurred between Friday night and Saturday morning."It could be something such as the kids out of schools or anybody really."

Other similar incidents were also reported in the 1200 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and the 100 block of Bridle Drive on the same day, according to information from the department.

Another string of random similar incidents occurred earlier in the week.

Four arsons were reported between 11:53 p.m. June 5 and 5:41 a.m. June 6. Once occurred in the the 700 block of Hackberry Street, two in the 100 block of West Reagen Avenue and one in the 600 block of North Main Street, according to police information. Keller said several random items such as a fence and a mattress were set on fire in the incidents.

"We never had any lead on that," said Keller. "Those appeared to be random in the same area."

People should be aware of the dangers of setting items such as those on fire, he said.

"Any spark can cause a major fire. A spark can lead to a larger fire, a grass fire, a brush fire, which can lead to a structure fire and a lost of life. It is just senseless destruction," said Keller.

The people responsible for these incidents should realize they are damaging someone's property, said Keller, and they can be charged with a felony offense which remain on their record.

While police continue their active patrols during the summer, most of these types of cases go unsolved unless there is a witness to the crime.

Keller said anyone who happens to see criminal incidents occur can call Crime Stoppers to report the offenders anonymously.

The best way for residents to help protect their possession from these offenses is be mindful of their surroundings and report suspicious activity to the police department, said Keller.

Residents worried about their vehicles should keep their cars locked, parked in their driveways and in well lit areas.

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