Education Foundation honors top CCHS seniors

Cove Herald/TJ MAXWELL - Copperas Cove senior William Chasteen III receives congratulations from Dr. Janine Aman during the Copperas Cove Education Foundation’s Senior Walk of Fame Wednesday at the high school.

By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

The Education Foundation honored Copperas Cove High School's top 10 percent of graduating seniors and the teachers who helped them succeed on Wednesday with a banquet.

Forty-three students and the educators who influenced them were recognized for their academic achievements at the Education Foundation's fourth annual Senior Walk of Fame. Both the student and the teacher received a gift from the Copperas Cove academic support group.

"We want to focus on the education and innovation in teaching," said Dr. Karen Harrison, Copperas Cove Education Foundation's former president, during a speech at the banquet.

Rose Cameron, Copperas Cove Independent School District's superintendent, echoed Harrison later that night.

"They are honoring you in the achievements you have made in education," Cameron told students.

"I am surely in awe of those accomplishments that not only you made this year but the last four years."

The students who were invited to the banquet have worked hard and stayed motivated all four years, as well as those who are under the top percent, Harrison said. But this event is a chance to recognize students for their academic accomplishment and not their talents like most high school banquets.

"This was our first event, and we wanted to make a statement that academics are important to us," Harrison said about why the foundation started the Senior Walk of Fame.

Ceci Moffett, a senior, was thankful that someone is noticing the students' academic achievements.

"(The Walk of Fame) is a really nice gesture," Moffett said. "It is a good reminder that people are paying attention to what we are doing in school."

While Moffett mentioned that several of the students have been pushing each other to reach the goal that placed them at the event, there is another group of people who have really made a difference in the students' education - the teachers.

The Walk of Fame also is important because the students get to invite a teacher who has helped them succeed, Harrison said.

"I think this is more special for the teachers because it is a student who pointed them out," she said. "I think that for the teachers to know 'I really made a different to them' is special."

For Moffett, that teacher was Wesley Taylor, her theater teacher.

"I am an amateur makeup artist, and he is always pressing me to try new techniques," she said about Taylor.

Taylor also gives Moffett leadership advice that helps direct her decision making for several of the programs that she is in such as the National Honors Society and Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful, she said.

"I think, a lot of times, the role of teachers is understated," Moffett said. "It doesn't happen enough and it is more than well deserved."

During the dinner, Cameron also the students some five pieces of advice for the upcoming years, which were to enjoy life, have a positive attitude, be a problem solver, say thank you and reach for the stars.

"You are a star," Cameron said stating the students can be like the teachers they brought to the banquet. "Make it a goal to be a person that someone else will recognize 20 year from now."

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The list of students and the teachers they on honored at the event are as follows:

Ryan Akam has selected Kai Herrmann, CCHS

Mostafa Al Tameemi has selected Amal Baty, CCHS

Nicolas Arrisola has selected Michael Smith, S.C. Lee JH

Kyle Baughman has selected Brenda Piccirilli, CCHS

Jessica Best has selected Donna Brewer, CCHS

Rebecca Brand has selected Robert Cummings, CCHS

Angelique Campbell has selected Jamie Hofford, CCHS

William Chasteen III has selected Michael Epley, CCHS

Maricella Chavez has selected Angela Jandreau, CCHS

Katie Cranfill has selected Brandon Blaylock, CCHS

Kacie Dieter has selected Esperanza Traino, CCHS

Kiera Dieter has selected Paul Talbett, CCHS

Cody Elenz has selected Chris Gistorb, CCHS

Briana Evans has selected Randy Kelley, CCHS

David Foskey has selected Donna Brewer, CCHS

Kristen Grant has selected Jan Stalder, CCHS

Jennifer Hakala has selected Robert Cummings, CCHS

Ariadna Hilson has selected Angela Jandreau, CCHS

Carla Huskins has selected Sherri Olson, S.C. Lee JH

Alex Johnson has selected Danelle Avellino, CCHS

Chazree Jones has selected


Esperanza Traino, CCHS

Elizabeth Kelly has selected Randy Kelley, CCHS

Dakotah Klepinger has selected Patricia Klepinger, CCHS

Carolyn Littlefield has selected Jan Stalder, CCHS

Chantaelle Moffett has selected Wesley Taylor, CCHS

Kuk Mun has selected Nancy Arrington, CCHS

April O'Bryan has selected Scott Lanham, CCHS

Rodderick Parker has selected Jamie Hofford, CCHS

Mary Margaret Pelebo has selected Kathy Tervel, CCHS

Lina Perez has selected Charlotte Heinze, CCHS

Lisa Polidoro has selected Richard Brown, CCHS

Jarin Rice has selected Donna Brewer, CCHS

Juwan Rice has selected Billy White, CCHS

Oliver Rodriguez has selected Donna Brewer, CCHS

Briana Sims has selected Jan Allwein, CCHS

Adam Smith has selected Carlos Roman, CCHS

Jihyun Stephans has selected Virginia Guerrero, CCHS

Caleb Tuiasosopo has selected Charlotte Heinze, CCHS

Stephen Twilleager has selected Sandra Kinabrew, CCHS

Alexandria Watson has selected Sandra Kinabrew, CCHS

Wesley Watts has selected Jamie Hofford, CCHS

Tiaira West has selected Andrea Porter, Martin Walker Elementary

Steven Wilkey has selected Brenda Piccirilli, CCHS

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