By Jackie Stone

The Cove Herald

The paintings of the mayor and citizens of Egg Town that line the walls of the Copperas Cove breakfast joint set the family and community-friendly tone that Joe Fugitt is aiming for in his first restaurant.

The relatively new restaurant on Highway 190 opened up about three months ago. From 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. daily, Egg Town focuses on breakfast foods - serving eggs any way you want them, naturally - but also serves daytime fare.

Fugitt said he wanted to open a breakfast place to give people a place to go before other restaurants open and because it's his favorite meal of the day. It's the most loyal too, he said, because people like to eat the same thing every day whether it's a breakfast taco or just a coffee.

Fugitt also said he likes breakfast because it's the hardest meal to mess up.

"You may order lasagna somewhere and not like the seasonings they use, but breakfast is breakfast," he said.

Fugitt, who also owns several Bush's Chicken's in the area, said they are still perfecting the menu and business model, and in the future he'd like to franchise the business.

Customers can go through the drive-thru or sit inside at the counter or tables in the

60-seat restaurant.

Fugitt said Egg Town sees a lot of families, particularly on the weekends when he said it is often packed.

"I make Mickey Mouse pancakes with chocolate faces. We try to make it as family friendly as possible," he said.

All of the egg-themed artwork inside and out of the restaurant was done by a local high school student, and reflects the community he said - including a soldier egg, football player and mayor egg.

And every couple weeks the restaurant holds a competition for children to draw their favorite egg characters.

Every child who comes to the restaurant gets a sheet of butcher paper, and the drawings line the long serving counter until the staff makes a decision and calls the winner.

While others were taken down to make room for a new contest, the winner of the most recent contest is posted inside the counter so the waiters and cook staff can see their favorite as they work. A blue-suited egg perched on a brick wall says "Humpty Dumpty fell of the wall to come to Egg Town."

Winners of the contest get a free funnel cake.

Fugitt said he wanted to offer two unique desserts, the funnel cakes and the Manske Roll, a special item made from an old family recipe.

From the scratch pancakes Fugitt said they painstakingly perfect to their showpiece burger - a 2-pounder with 14 slices of bacon - Fugitt says the restaurant wants to be where the market is.

The menus direct customers to make their own suggestions for what should be included on the menu, and the restaurant is about to begin a rotation of "name your own price" dishes.

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