By Holly Wise and Lauren Cabral

The Cove Herald

Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation

The Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation board of directors approved a sale and purchase agreement for the property where the proposed Shops at Five Hills will be located.

At its meeting Tuesday, the board also approved a separate agreement laying out the division of the $2.9 million proceeds from the sale.

The agreement between C-Cove 90 Partners LTD, made up of First Advisors Inc., and Endeavor Real Estate, both in Austin, and the CCEDC board of directors and the Copperas Cove Industrial Foundation allows C-Cove to sell the land to businesses interested in becoming a part of the Shops at Five Hills.

The Copperas Cove Industrial Foundation will receive $1,221,500 from the sale of its 12.72 acres of the property. The CCEDC will receive $1,678,500 for its property, which is being surveyed but should be around 112 acres.

The board discussed the agreement at a meeting last week, but put off passing it until the distribution of the proceeds was worked out.

The closing date for the property is Jan. 1, 2015, but CCEDC board Chairman Dan Yancey said the goal was to have the shops open at the same time the Southeast Bypass opens.

Construction on the bypass, a 30-month project, is expected to begin in September, putting its completion date at early 2014.

Coryell County commissioners

GATESVILLE - Coryell County commissioners backed a resolution to support Parrie Haynes Ranch being kept under the management of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Monday. They declined to support the resolution at an earlier meeting.

Commissioner Jack Wall, who put the item back on the agenda and admitted he was one of the lead opponents of the resolution, said he'd changed his mind on the matter after further investigating the ranch, a 4,500-acre property between Florence and Killeen along the Lampasas River.

"I feel a lot better about this thing now that I've looked into it," he said. "I do think it's a good thing for the kids."

When the item first came up at the court's Feb. 28 meeting, commissioners decided financial support should be doled out carefully in light of state budget concerns, and Wall had suggested the ranch look for a way to sustain itself.

Wall said he discovered money generated from the ranch went into the state-controlled general fund, something he didn't realize when the item was introduced. He also said he found the ranch was designed specifically for disadvantaged youth, though any group could use it, and is already booked through December. He added the children's camps and activities conducted there were important.

The court approved an offer to install improved safety barrier material in the Copperas Cove County Juvenile Department reception area. Level II glass and Kevlar will be installed by Jimsco Glass and Window of Temple for $5,398.

In other action, the court:

Approved the purchase of a used haul truck and end-dump trailer for the Coryell County Road and Bridge Department.

Approved the designation of three patrol vehicles from the Coryell County Sheriff's Department as salvage and placed them for sale on

Approved a request for a $249,568 financing agreement with Extraco Bank for the purchase of a fire truck by the Gatesville Volunteer Fire Department.

Lampasas City Council

LAMPASAS - The Lampasas City Council took another step in making its solar park a reality Monday night despite dissent among council members.

The council approved an agreement between the city and the comptroller of public accounts for the distributed renewable energy program in the amount of $2 million of grant funds with a local match of $400,000, which is included in the current budget.

Given the instability of the state and federal budgets, Councilman Evan Stubbs expressed unease at approving the agreement, which contains language indicating the state could withdraw its contract and ask for a refund at any time.

"That's another reason why this is one of the dumbest things we've done," he said, before voting against the agreement alongside councilmen Jerry Grayson and Bradley Neely.

Council members John Cole, Les Gerhardt, TJ Monroe and Mayor Judith Hetherly disagreed.

"I believe over time this will be a benefit to the city," Cole said.

After the agreement was approved, the council had to decide whether to approve the engineering services agreement for $295,978 out of the $2.4 million of available funding.

Lampasas City Manager Michael Stoldt said the state can withdraw the funding, but added that historically it has not withdrawn money for contracts approved and under way.

The engineering services agreement was awarded to HDR Engineering Inc. by a 4-3 vote. Stubbs, Neely and Grayson voted against the measure.

The solar park will be a 309-kilowatt solar generation facility that will produce approximately 459,462 kilowatt annually, according to documents from the city. The facility will be built on the city's old landfill on Georgetown Road.

Kempner Water Supply Corporation

KEMPNER - The Kempner Water Supply Corporation board of directors had a light agenda to discuss Wednesday night, but spent more time in conversation over an item not on the agenda.

The matter in question was whether or not the corporation should spend $10,000 a year on a maintenance agreement for two compressors. General Manager David Sneed told the board he knew the item wasn't on the agenda and he didn't expect a decision yet.

Sneed said he received the proposed service agreement earlier this week and hadn't had a chance to get more details.

The compressors are under warranty until April. Each compressor is estimated to cost $50,000 to $60,000, Sneed said.

Some of the maintenance can be performed by KWSC staff, but some things can't be, he added.

"Do we have any other $50,000 to $60,000 equipment we don't know how to take care of?" asked Rex Hooten, the newest member of the board.

The answer was no, according to Sneed.

In other business, board member Kip Miller declined to take Sneed's place on the Central Texas Water Supply Corporation board. Sneed said he would maintain his position.

Board president Rick Abraham retracted his announcement of his impending resignation, which he made at last month's meeting.

"This is not a good time to do it," he said. "There's not a good time to resign, but there is a bad time. I do want to stay on the board."

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