By Jackie Stone

The Cove Herald

The sign outfront hasn't been put up yet, but Nedlewerkes of Copperas Cove is open for business at its new location in Cove Terrace.

Lois McMaster opened the original store on Main Street in August 2008, but decided to move to the new location when her inventory of cross stitch and embroidery supplies outgrew the store.

McMaster grew up doing needlepoint and embroidery, but only learned to cross-stitch a few years ago.

"What I enjoy about cross-stitch is everything you do is a work of art - each stitch on a piece of fabric is an instant reward," she said.

McMaster was a stay at home mom before she opened Nedlewerkes, but made the decision to open her own supply store when she found out Walmart didn't carry the crossstitch and embroidery thread she needed.

"I just kind of snapped, and said, 'Well, I'll open a store,'" she said. "I thought people ought to be able to pick it up without going to Austin. There's not even one in Waco."

McMaster said Nedlewerkes sells more than 1,000 crossstitch patterns and more than 100 kits, in addition to a multidude of different kinds and colors of thread for different applications.

McMaster said she hopes people will take notice of the shop in its new location.

The unusual spelling of her store's name is also another trick to help people remember the name.

McMaster said she made up the word by combining two Old English words that wouldn't have been used together, but fit the feel of the store and the tradition of artist needlework.

"I wanted to try middle English and old English words to match the lettering, and because we do traditional hand embroidery and needleworking," she said. "A lot of traditional needleworks are making a comeback as they tend to in a slow economy, because it's a small monetary investment for a lot of time."

The store is open late on Thursday night, when a needleworking group can uses the shop as a gathering place to work on projects. Other groups can schedule there own times to use the big wooden table at the shop, or can drop in on other groups, McMaster said.

McMaster said she plans to hold classes in the spring, but meanwhile anyone who wants to learn can get lessons on a walk-in basis.

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