By Alicia Lacy

The Cove Herald

With a new director at the helm, following a name change two years ago, the Copperas Cove Armed Services YMCA is revamping its mission.

Once known as the Teen Center and geared towards teens, the center is now making renovations to be more family friendly after the name change to the Copperas Cove ASYMCA Family Center.

"We've really been trying to focus on family," the center's new director Doreen Vasseur said.

The center is currently in the process of building its own fitness center, which will open at the beginning of the fall.

Vasseur, said, "We were going to do a little fitness room and start small, but we decided not to do small and decided to do bigger."

With the floor and dressing rooms installed last week, Vasseur said the center has already received seven pieces of equipment with the remaining equipment set to arrive next week.

The fitness center will have a personal trainer, stationery bicycles, treadmills, full-body machines and weights.

"We're hoping to eventually get an aerobics class and possibly Zumba," Vasseur said.

An enrollment drive will begin at the end of August. However, Vasseur said prices will not be known until later. "We'll have family, individual and

military prices."

Vasseur said parents of children enrolled in the tumbling or karate classes can workout while they wait or their children, or if parents want to workout there will be plenty for kids to do. "We're trying to make it a win-win situation."

Vasseur hopes that eventually the center can expand. "Right now, we're starting slow and as the demand goes up we're going to increase services."

As new director, Vasseur said she wants to let members of the community know that the YMCA is still here. "A lot of people don't realize the YMCA is still here. We've been here for five years."

"I want people to know that this is a fun place, a safe place and one that they can depend on when they need something," Vasseur said.

A few things Vasseur would like to start back again would be game night and parent's night out.

"I'd like parents to know they can depend on us and if they suggest something that's feasible, we're flexible."

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