By Mason W. Canales

The Cove Herald

The number of traffic accidents and driver citations dropped last year in Copperas Cove.

"Most of these accidents are caused by a lack of driver attention," said Sgt. Kevin Keller, spokesman for the Copperas Cove Police Department, about the number of crashes police responded to in 2011.

The number of accidents last year dropped about 5 percent compared with 2010, according to the city's annual police department report.

Keller doesn't know how many accidents caused major or minor injuries, but he said serious injury collisions "were few and far between" with fender-benders being the most common type of traffic accident.

Keller said the number of accidents in the report didn't include every wreck authorities responded to.

Only the accidents that generated police reports were counted. Officers respond to many accidents that don't generate reports because no citations are given, said Keller. If those incidents were factored into the annual report, the number would double.

Traffic accidents were broken down by the day of the week in the annual report. Keller said the daily numbers help determine how many officers are required to assist with traffic accidents on certain days of the week.

The statistics dispel the myth that Sunday drivers are the worst motorists. In 2010 and 2011, fewer than 85 accidents occurred on Sundays.

Police recorded 172 accidents on Fridays last year - down by three from 2010.

In 2011, the second-busiest day for accidents was Wednesday with 138 wrecks, which was up from 130.

Keller said Fridays are typically the busiest day for accidents because people head in and out of town for weekend activities and work.

During 2011, the most traffic citations police issued to drivers was for speeding, according to the report. The number of speeding citations was down 15 percent from 2010. Officers also issued a large number of citations for the following: failure to maintain financial responsibility, expired motor vehicle inspection sticker and expired registration.

Decreasing numbers are good news for the department and for residents, said Keller. "Ultimately, we would like the number of accidents to continue to go down, and we are not just about writing tickets," said Keller. "We would love to write less and just make sure the laws are being abided by."

Accidents by day of the week

DAY 2010 2011

Sunday 82 84

Monday 143 106

Tuesday 136 115

Wednesday 130 138

Thursday 125 122

Friday 175 172

Saturday 106 111

TOTAL 897 848

Traffic citations in 2011


Speeding 2,230

Ran stop sign 479

Ran red light 126

No driver's license 231

Driving while license invalid 157

Expired operator's license 113

Fail to display license 315

Fail to control speed 160

Expired registration 705

Motor vehicle inspection sicker expired 1,078

Backed out without safety 32

Passing authorized emergency vehicle 36

Fail to yield right of way 110

Fail to report change of address 81

Disregard traffic control device 60

No seatbelt - driver 320

Fail to maintain financial responsibility 1,749

No proof of financial responsibility 91

Unsafe lane change 23

Used wireless device in school zone 29

TOTAL 8,125

Other traffic citations 492


Source: Copperas Cove Police Department

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