By Jackie Stone

The Cove Herald

The flurries that stopped and started throughout the day Tuesday over Copperas Cove left about 3 inches of snow behind and the memory of a rather unusual weather occurance for the area.

"Going back the last 25 years, we only see more than 2-inch snowfalls maybe four times during that time frame, so it's a fairly rare event," said Dan Huckaby, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Huckaby said the most recent comparable snowfall was 4 inches Cove received in 2007.

Conditions were just right to allow the white carpet to coat the ground in many areas before it was turned into snowballs and snowmen. Huckaby said the ground temperature and the fact that the temperature stayed around freezing all day contributed to the effect.

The snow came from a cold front that moved through the area Sunday night combining with cloudy and cold weather through to Tuesday when the precipitation hit, Huckaby said.

"It's a hard situation to get in Central Texas," he said. "If there's enough moisture and a good storm system to produce precipataion ... we usually see freezing rain."

Chances for snow were increased because it has remained cold in between fronts during the unusually brisk Central Texas winter this year. But looking ahead, the chances of another snowfall are dim - though it's not impossible, he said.

One of the heaviest recorded snowfalls in Texas history was in the Gatesville area in December 1929, Huckaby said. The area from Gatesville up to Hillsboro received two feet or more of snow during that event, and Copperas Cove received 12 inches.

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