By Jon Schroeder

The Cove Herald

Effective April 30, Workforce Solutions in Central Texas will close its Copperas Cove office, moving the few employees who work there to Killeen. The job-search agency, formerly known as the Copperas Cove Texas Workforce Commission, helped roughly 30 people each day on their way to finding jobs, said Career Center Supervisor Wendy Riggs, who oversees the Copperas Cove and Killeen locations.

Funding has been reduced over the last 10 years — at the end, the Cove branch did not have any full-time employees working directly for workforce solutions. The only full-time employee who worked there, a Texas Veterans Commission staff member, will move on Tuesday to the Killeen Workforce Center, located at 300 Cheyenne, Killeen. With no full-time staffers remaining, seven-county area Director Haisler said, “it’s just not viable” to keep the Cove location open.

Those who have been using the center can continue doing so until April 30, when the office will close permanently.

While the Cove branch was small, it had many functions, Riggs said, noting job search assistance, reintegration of offenders, welfare reform and childcare services among them, in addition to carrying out the Workforce Investment Act by assisting individuals who are out of work due to company closures and cutbacks.

The Killeen location has all of those and more — with a staff of about 50 helping 4,000 to 5,000 people per month, she said, “the staff that they’ve been seeing in the Cove office is the staff that they’re seeing here.”

While staffers won’t do the work of finding a job for peope, they will help “anybody and everybody” find jobs, at no charge.

“All they have to say is, ‘I need help to find a job,’” Riggs said.

Both the Coryell County commissioners and the Greater Copperas Cove Community Action Network heard news about the closure in their meetings this week — in response, County Judge John Firth has begun working on setting up transportation for members of the Copperas Cove community to receive convenient busing to the Killeen center, and GCCCAN members gave some friendly advice to an Experience Works employee who will also be displaced by the move.

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