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Former Copperas Cove City Planner Charlotte Hitchman poses in her office at city hall in Cove. Hitchman formerly worked for the city of Killeen as the senior planner.

The Copperas Cove city planner resigned three days after she was detained by Target loss prevention.

Charlotte Hitchman submitted her letter of resignation to City Manager Andrea Gardner on Friday.

“This letter is to regretfully announce my resignation with the city of Copperas Cove,” Hitchman said in the letter. “There are no words to express the gratitude I have towards (sic) the city and yourself for allowing me the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally throughout my career with Copperas Cove.”

Target loss prevention in Harker Heights detained Hitchman on Nov. 28, and Heights police responded to the incident, according to Harker Heights police spokesman Sgt. Stephen Miller. Target did not press charges for theft, but asked police to issue a criminal trespass warning form.

Hitchman was not arrested, nor given a citation, Miller said.

Hitchman held the role of city planner since July 2016. Before that she worked for the city of Killeen. In October 2012, she started as the project manager of downtown revitalization. After about two years in that role, she was promoted to the senior planner position, which is the last job she had before she came to Cove.

Cove spokesman Kevin Keller declined having any sort of knowledge about the Target incident. A phone call to Hitchman’s home was not returned.

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I wonder why a retail merchant's LOSS control department employee would APPROACH a customer???? I've never been approached by police or store security. I guess if you're not stealing their stuff, loss prevention agents won't bother you? ALL thieves should be arrested, charged with a crime, and made to go to court.


Day 2: I visited several local stores yesterday. I visited Target first, and wasn't approached by the store's professional LOSS PREVENTION agents. I did the same at two Walmarts, an HEB, Kohl's, Ross, and concluded with Lowe's. I wasn't approached by police or LOSS PREVENTION. Am I doing something wrong. I'll report my day 3 results tomorrow, maybe I'll get lucky today. [huh][rolleyes]

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