Steubenville rape conviction should occur in every community. Two months ago during a scheduled appointment I was assaulted while the doctor examined me. I eventually reported it but debated whether or not to do so.  I wasn’t sure whether I would be viewed as responsible.  Investigators have a difficult task knowing that it’s a crime against humanity and even used globally as a weapon of war. A Chaplain friend informed me that 2 out of 3 women are victims; which indicates it is not reported in proportion to its occurrence. Rape is the one overpowering act every individual is capable of participating in encouraging or condoning.

First time victims process and reevaluate their role to understand their contribution towards the criminal act. No victim is ever at fault and anyone who has experienced this trauma should report it NOW. Men and women victims need closure. Informing a friend, parent, counselor, and teacher or instructor is the first step towards being healed. It took 30 years for me to remember being raped. I didn’t remember when I got married. That incident has determined my whole adult life of PTSD.

As a newly commissioned officer in a training environment I was invited to dinner by a Liberian field grade officer as a birthday celebration. It turned into a nightmare when he acted like a father figure, then forced himself on me; leaving me to fend for myself.  My mind somehow erased the whole incident from my mind.  I knew that reporting the crime would have isolated me from my classmates, and would have ended my experience in the military of the incident when we married but informed him in 2010 when I remembered.

I’m willing to step out to voice this cause with the hope the church leaders, pastors, priests, ministers who claim Jesus Christ as their savior will unite in the fight to restore this nation to its moral foundation on which we were established. Topics such as same sex marriage and abortions terrorize church leaders into being territorial: instead of loving, sharing and caring for the down trodden, church leaders are silent in order to protect their tax exempt status. 

The guilty verdict for the two teens in the Steubenville Football rape case indicates the state of our modern society. Many of our youth lack the moral foundation necessary in maintaining a moral society. Steubenville is our community; family, friends and the public subconsciously condone their act by sticking their head in the ground when faced with the truth. The guilty verdict should spark  a global awakening to bring acceptance of this crime to an end.

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