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  • The Killeen Daily Herald Internet Department blog offers tips on how to get the most out of the Killeen Daily Herald website. Written by Jason Schaefer, KDH Web Developer.
Tuesday 01/01/2013
Happy New Years

I wish everyone a year full of luck, prosperity, happiness and joy.

May you find the courage to face your challenges, the strength to overcome your heartaches and the love to share with those near and dear to you.

Happy New Years from the Geek Cube Family

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Monday 12/24/2012
Merry Christmas from the Geek cube

Wishing You all the Joys of the Season and Every Happiness Throughout the Coming Year.

From the Geek Cube Family to your Family...  Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday 09/26/2012
Claiming A Business Directory Listing

Salutations from the frontier,

Due to the number of requests that I have had to deny I need to take a moment to address claiming a business directory listing.

We try our best to keep the information in the directory as accurate as possible. Because of this if we can not verify who you are or your association with the business… we automatically deny the request. Some of the criteria that we review are your name, email address and anything else you provide. These are very important facts that you can provide that will assist with us determining if you really are the person who needs to have access to that business.

If you do not provide a name you will be automatically rejected. If you provide an email address that looks suspicious you will probably be denied. If you provide information that our business office can not verify… you guessed it… you will probably be denied.

Now that I have stated the obvious reject criteria I will discuss what you should do to claim a business. First of all you will need to create an account on our website. When you create your account you need to log into your dashboard and finish filling in your profile information. You need to pay special attention to the ‘Contact Info’ tab under profile.

Once we have your contact information we will use that to verify if you have the right to ‘own’ that business.

If you have any concerns please contact your business sales representative and we will see about resolving that concern.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

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Friday 09/21/2012
URL changes

Greetings from the digital frontier!

I just wanted everyone to be aware of a change that is coming down the cables. On Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 we will be implementing a change to the website. For the most part this change will not affect the majority of our customers.

We will be changing the way our URLs are displayed on the website. This change will help with search engines. In this day and age (or nanosecond) search engines make a massive impact on your traffic and we will always need to make sure we do things that help increase traffic.

If you have any articles bookmarked: Please take a few moments and copy the titles of the articles and save them using your favorite text editor. This will give you the ability to find those articles again once we make the switch on Monday.

-Your nerdy web developer Jason

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Monday 09/17/2012
About Comments and Blogs

Greetings from the Geek Cube!

We’re a month into the launch of our new website and the reinstatement of commenting on KDHNews.com. We’re excited about being able to once again engage with our community, but we need to address a few issues with commenting.

First of all, please note that KDHNews.com has the right to use any comment, edit comments before approving them, and deny any comments without responding to the poster.

Most people are “playing nice” and have contributed some thoughtful, relevant ideas to the stories they’ve commented on. This is the purpose of our commenting system, and we appreciate those who take the time to participate!

However, we need to remind some people that your comment will not be approved if it contains any of the following (1) hate speech, (2) vulgarity/profanity, (3) links to sites that contain pornographic material, and (4) promotion of or links to a business site.

All of the above items pertain not only to our commenting system, but to personal blogs, too. Those who continue to abuse the system will be blocked from the site.

If you wish to promote your business using KDHNews.com, please contact our advertisement department at 254-501-7508.

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Friday 09/07/2012
417 Cache busting detected

Hello all of you out there in the digital frontier!

This is your geeky webmaster transmitting a new information blast straight to a computer near you. Today I am going to talk about a message you may get from time to time if you are using antiquated bookmarks to our website. Yes, I am talking about that pesky 417 Cache busting detected message.

If I had a universal translator I would just have it translate this obscure message to something a little more familiar and have it display something on the lines of ‘Page not Found.’ For the time being we will just stick with this whole cache busting statement and give you a perfect reason to come here and read this blog.

The reason you get a 417 Cache message is because we changed entire platforms and none of the article links are the same anymore. Most of the archived articles are still in our system but you need to search for them. The only exceptions to that statement are articles that belong to another news organization or were stored on our system only temporarily due to licensing. Yes, those have been removed.

We are sorry that the old bookmarked links no longer work. But feel free to use the searching ability and see if we have the article on the new system under a new name. I am sorry if this causes you some work but we had tens of thousands of files and articles that needed to be transferred and our old system just was not up to par for any modern system.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

P.S. You can once again get your daily news blasts if you create an account and sign up for the blast.

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Thursday 09/06/2012

Hello everyone! I am not a blogger or a writer for that matter. In truth I am a code geek… glasses and everything to go with that stereotype. And yes I actually own a pocket protector!

I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone and give some pointers on our searching system. If you had anything to do with the old website’s search you are probably looking at this one and hoping it can do a better job… and it does do a much better job.

The search will look for the terms in the body of the text as well as the headline.

If you want to search for something that is older than a year ago you will need to do an advanced search. The reason for this is that the search by default only searches up to a year ago. You can change the default search by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search Options’ link. You now have a Date Options set and if you notice the date range beginning on… is set to ‘1 year ago’ and the ending on is blank. This is where you can change the search period for a more in depth search. You can set the beginning on to ‘2 years ago’ or you can set it to a specific date such as ‘1/1/2004’ and then click search and it will expand its search range.

Some things to keep in mind… We do not have any stories prior to 2004. At the time of this blog post (9/6/12) I still have about 2 months of articles to add to the system. And finally most of the content that did not belong to us (syndicated articles) was removed. This is especially true from any news agency that has asked us not to keep their content saved on our servers.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

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Wednesday 09/05/2012
Print Subscriber Access

It's been a busy few weeks in the Geek Cube. We're excited about the successful launch of our new website, and we will shortly be offering several new services through the site.

One of those services will be the Print Subscriber Access. If you've already created a free account, you may have noticed a link in the "Subscriptions and Services" area of your dashboard that offers you the capability for print subscribers to access the full e-Edition of the Killeen Daily Herald.

Unfortunately, we're still testing that feature and will hopefully have it up and running very soon. So, if you click on that link and are prompted to enter an account number, please note that we are working on this service but it's not quite ready yet. We do, however, have nearly every print story available online for you to read for free. Plus, some articles include images that aren't published in the print edition.

So, until we finish testing the e-Edition function, we appreciate your patience with us. Feel free to contact us in the Geek Cube if you have any questions or issues with the new website.

Linda Fulkerson, Online Coordinator



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Thursday 08/16/2012
Benefits of Belonging to the KDH News Community

The launch of the new KDHNews.com website is the culmination of months of planning and preparation. We at the Killeen Daily Herald wish to welcome our readers to our new site and invite you to dive into the community by registering for a free account.

You can create your new account by clicking on the link in the upper left part of the page. You'll have several options - either connect using Facebook, Google, AOL, Yahoo!, or Open ID. If you'd rather just create a username and password without connecting via one of the social profiles, that's fine, too.

Once you log in, you'll arrive at your dashboard where you can change your account settings, such as your password and edit your public profile. You can even start a blog if you want.

Another benefit of the new KDH community is the ability to contribute news to the website. You'll notice in your dashboard a place to upload articles, photos, YouTube videos, or letters to the Editor. Registered users can also make comments on the site's content. Of course, everything will go into a moderation queue, but the editorial team will work hard to ensure user-generated content is read and approved quickly.

In addition to being able to submit news items to the site, users who own businesses can claim them, those who are celebrating special events can submit announcements, and soon readers will be able to manage their subscriptions directly from their dashboards - but we'll talk more about those features in future posts.

Meanwhile, be sure to read "From the Geek Cube" regularly, as we'll be sharing helpful tips on how to get the most out of the new KDHNews.com website.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linda - Online Coordinator



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