The Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bones Cracked Ribs BBQ at 3401 W. Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen on Thursday.

While lunch-rush customers began filtering in for daily plate offerings, members of the chamber and other supporting businesses mingled and posed for pictures.

Open at the Stan Schlueter location for 2½ years, Bones owner Marilyn Robert recently joined the chamber.

“The support is fantastic,” she said. “Sometimes you don’t know what’s right around you. You need to look around and see what’s in your community.”

Bones Cracked Ribs BBQ opened in 2009 off Rancier Avenue in Killeen, and closed after three years. As a businesswoman, Robert saw an opportunity to purchase the restaurant and reopened it in its current location.

“It was a business opportunity for me and a nice investment,” she said.

Robert was able to retain Robert McDowell, the previous owner’s son, as manager and chef.

“Everything’s the same since we opened in ’09,” McDowell said, referring to the menu.

While he stirred spicy barbecue sauce into a giant bowl of pulled pork, he said the restaurant has won several trophies and awards for its food, including a Taste of Central Texas award.

Robert said the most popular menu items are “definitely the ribs, even though our brisket is delicious.”

Victor Palma, Robert’s son and go-to employee, agreed.

“I absolutely love the brisket,” he said.

The restaurant offers barbecue by the pound, including spare ribs, pork, brisket, baby back ribs and chicken. Plate meals come with a variety of sides, such as potato salad, pinto beans, macaroni or corn on the cob.

Bones also offers smoothies with flavors such as “mango, Limonade, and peach,” and plenty of “coffee treats” such as iced frappes, mochas and chai lattes.

While Robert continues enjoying her restaurant’s success, Palma said they are “possibly opening a second location in Copperas Cove in the next three months.”

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