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Business owners weigh in on new highway


While many worried that State Highway 9, which opened last week at the east end of Copperas Cove, would create a void in business patronage along U.S. Highway 190, some business owners said it will increase accessibility of those businesses.

Frank DiMuccio, owner of Cove Feed and Seed, said accessibility is important to his business and any relief from the congestion caused by construction can only help.

“I don’t think the bypass is going to make a whole lot of difference to business in Copperas Cove,” said DiMuccio, whose business has been located on East U.S. 190 since 1962. “What are we going to do to accommodate the people here and the people passing through? I think this area is going to continue to grow as long as we can find the services, which includes electricity and water.”

Former Copperas Cove mayor Bradi Diaz, the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation’s vice chairman and a partial owner of Dewald Property Management on U.S. 190, said she believes the highway is a benefit to the community.

“I’m excited about it. All of the things that we’re seeing today have come from years of planning, the collaboration of multiple entities, not only within the city of Copperas Cove, but as a region,” she said. “It will benefit our economy and our citizens. I think it will relieve the constant congestion on Highway 190.”

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