Cinergy Cinemas in Copperas Cove may be getting a major makeover: a 32,000-square-foot expansion with a number of activities.

Cinergy, Cinemas and Entertainment, the company that owns the cinema, is looking to expand all of its theaters to include bowling alleys, two additional screens and larger arcade rooms, said CEO Jeff Benson.

“Technically, it will be two completely separate structures that will all look like one building,” he said. “It will come close to doubling the size of the theatre as it stands today.”

Other additions in the works are a huge laser tag arena, a full bar with several billiards tables, six separate party rooms and an overhead ropes course above the arcade.

“We’ll go from being perceived as primarily a movie theater with some entertainment to a full-blown family entertainment center with something for everyone,” Benson said. “And there’s not really a family center in the area that will have what we’ve got.”

Benson said nothing is set in stone yet, and there is still a lot of red tape to get through before construction will begin.

“We have a plan, but it is still very preliminary. We have to get financing, talk to the EDC (Economic Development Corporation), and I might have to purchase more property, so we’ve got a long way to go.”

Realistically, the expansion likely will not get underway until the first quarter of 2014, Benson said.

“The goal would be to try and have it open by the holiday season of next year, so we’re probably looking at the winter of 2014,” he said. “It’s actually a lot more complicated than building from the ground up.”

The prime location and the city’s own economic developments have contributed to the success of the unique theater, Benson said.

“We’re right there in the hot spot in Copperas Cove, and I think the growth will continue to have a good effect on us as people continue to go to that intersection.”

Benson said the proposed additions are where the movie theater industry is headed but maintains they will not cause prices to skyrocket.

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