One Copperas Cove family is up to its ears in boxes, but the family could not be happier. Detra Jackson, Edward Anderson and their two daughters welcomed the year as new homeowners.

The family was not looking to move. But going from a rental to home ownership was meant to be, Jackson said.

“We were walking the dog and saw a house that we always pass when we leave our neighborhood but it now had a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard,” Jackson said. “There it was. It had so much curb appeal. I could not believe the house was for sale.”

Jackson said the home has a lot of character and she loves the older, mature trees in the yard. The home needed to be big enough to accommodate their family’s size including her two teenage girls, 15 and 12, Jackson said.

The family started negotiating price with the house’s owner in October and ultimately cut the asking price by $7,000 in return for the repair of some items in the home that were not working. The house was on the market only two months when the negotiations began.

“I felt like I had a little negotiation room based on the asking price. Had I had my VA appraisal, I would’ve asked for an even lower price,” Jackson said. “I wish I would have stuck more with our initial offer.”

Jackson said she had already signed the contract when the VA said it would not have loaned the amount of money for the home’s original asking price because it was overpriced. The appraisal arrived only a few days before they closed on the house.

Nationally, single home purchases are usually lower in December due to the holidays, but Jaquee Braas of Coldwell Bank United Realty in Copperas Cove said the Cove area saw home sales well above the national average.

“This year has been a phenomenal year personally and we definitely see the market recovering,” said the 9-year real estate veteran, referring to the 2008-2009 mortgage crisis. “Our market is based a lot on what the military does. Cove is unique because of the military and the extension of first time home buyer rebates. So we are about a year behind other markets.”

Braas sold 32 homes in December. She expects 2014 to be an even stronger year unless the Federal Reserve tightens requirements for home loans.

“Austin is also causing an uptick in the market,” Braas said. “Prices there have gone through the roof. As home prices go up, people are venturing further out of the city and that is good for Cove.”

The Texas Education Agency website rates Copperas Cove schools higher than Killeen or Harker Heights, and that is another big draw to the community, Braas said.

Jackson agreed.

“I love the quietness of Cove and the ease of traffic heading into Fort Hood,” she said. “The school system is the biggest reason that we chose to live in Copperas Cove.

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