COPPERAS COVE — The Coppers Cove Economic Development Corporation walked various entities through its process of working with site selectors trying to locate businesses in Texas.

“We are trying to just get into the dance hall,” Polo Enriquez said about the process, which starts similarly to a job application.

A majority of the time, Copperas Cove must match certain initial criteria and provide statistical data, which the Cove EDC compiles, said Monica Hull, the corporation’s director of business development.

Being able to obtain that data, such as can a facility be served with 6 megawatts of power, is where the other entities come into play, Hull told the group, which the Cove EDC has dubbed the Red Team.

Representatives from Century Link, the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance, Time Warner Cable, Texas Workforce Solutions, Oncor, Coryell County, the city and the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce were at Wednesday’s meeting.

Other public entities such as Central Texas College and utility companies such as Atmos Energy also belong to the Red Team.

“We are in the business of marketing Copperas Cove,” Hull said. “So third parties’ endorsements are important.”

These team members can help the EDC quickly provide information requested by site selectors, such as a carbon fiber manufacturing plant currently looking to locate in Texas.

“We have seven days to answer, and this is why we put the Red Team together so we could meet the deadline,” Enriquez said.

He told the Red Team that if Copperas Cove meets most of the manufacturing plant’s conditions, the EDC can hopefully meet with business representatives and entice them to come to town.

“Once we get into the dance hall and get more specifics, then we can move past the consultant and get in with the company,” Enriquez said.


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