The Narrows Business and Technology Park is progressing on schedule as the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporations starts funding marketing plans for the site.

“We are right on schedule,” said Cove EDC Executive Director Polo Enriquez about the development of the 72-acre business park. “We will finish this on time. Our projection is that it’s a little more than a third of the way done.”

Gatesville-based TTG Construction started on the $1.6 million project in November. It will extend Robert Griffin III Boulevard to Constitution Drive and create Charles Tillman Way. It also will create multiple shovel-ready sites for future primary-employer type businesses.

TTG is at the point of installing the water and waste water infrastructure, Enriquez said.

On Feb. 27, the corporation’s board approved funds of about $12,600, which will allow its staff to market The Narrows and other commercial sites.

About half of the funds are being spent on a contract with On the Mark Research, which will draft a marketing plan for the site. The company will hold four resident-based panels to gather information about what residents think should be located within the business and technology park.

“As part of our marketing efforts, we feel like (Copperas Cove’s community) is a good resource to attract businesses and then this also will educate the community,” said Monica Hull, Cove EDC’s director of business development.

Another $6,600 is being spent on a retail ambassador. The ambassador will assist the corporation’s staff and board in meeting several prospect companies that have plans to move to Texas.

The meetings will be scheduled during two national conventions for the retail and manufacturing industries.

One convention will be located in Las Vegas and the other in Charlotte, N.C.

The retail ambassador will allow the corporation to specifically target businesses at the conventions instead of “taking a shotgun approach,” said Dan Yancey, the corporation’s chairman.

Such an approach means more insightful and meaningful connections, which could mean better results.

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