Hanks tire

A Hank’s Tire Pros & Mufflers staff member works on a customer’s service order Tuesday.

With a line of customers nearly out the door, cars and trucks filling the bays, and telephones ringing off the hook, some small businesses might become overwhelmed; this, however, is just an average day at Hank’s Tire.

Located on South Main Street in Copperas Cove, Hank’s Tire Pros & Mufflers has steadily served the community since 1984, when its original owner, “Hank,” first opened the business.

Since then, the tire shop has had three owners. When the current owner, Brad Harwell, took charge in 2006, business began to increase.

“We’re always very busy now, always have a packed parking lot,” said Derrick Crawley, service manager, who has been with Hank’s for 13 years. “We now have 14 employees and 14 bays; we have grown a lot since Brad took over.”

But like any small business, Hank’s relies on referrals from satisfied customers.

“I always appreciated the fast service and honesty, when I was a customer here,” said Kimberly Ruonavaara, office manager and Hank’s newest employee. “One day I was referred to Hank’s, and I was very impressed with the service. I felt like they developed a great relationship with me, and eventually, they offered me the job.”

Hank’s staff tries to develop relationships with every customer who walks through the door.

“Our goal is to make everyone happy, gotta make them happy,” Crawley said. “With so much of our business being soldiers, and so much turnover on Fort Hood every six months, we have to try and remain relevant. We find that soldiers will keep talking about us to their new buddies if we continually hook them up right.”

With so much respect and admiration for its customers and the city, Hank’s gives back to the community every chance it gets. The shop’s annual three-day sale, starting July 11, is one way of doing that.

“This our fifth year doing our big three-day sale. Our goal each time is to try and give back to our customers,” Crawley said. “This year we’ll have a Hot Rod Car Show, free food all day, an Indy 500 car, prizes and fun things for the kids to do.”

The three-day sale has been a major success for Hank’s Tire in the past.

“With free food, free drinks, free entertainment, and some awesome automotive deals, this should be a great time,” Crawley said. “We always look forward to this, each and every year.”

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