Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and many area businesses put out the red carpet for couples and singles. For some local businesses, the boon in business is expected to last well through the weekend.

At A&L Florist in Copperas Cove, owners Lydia Smith and Farida Karpoff plan their entire year around Valentine’s Day.

“We get a lot of foot traffic this time of year,” Smith said. “But we also get a lot of online sales. We will come in in the morning and have 30 orders that came in overnight.”

It’s not just flowers that are being sold.

“We order four times as many stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day, and we’ll be lucky to have one bear left over,” Smith said. “This is our Black Friday.”

A&L Florists also gets many orders from deployed soldiers to send Valentine’s Day baskets to their loved ones in the area.

“It’s an instant gratification job, we see that instantly,” Smith said.

Employees at Bella Sera restaurant in Copperas Cove expected lots of business as they prepared for the holiday for lovers.

“We will have people waiting out the door,” said manager Michelle Ellis. “We break up our bigger tables into smaller tables to seat more couples, and there is just a constant stream of activity. Everybody works from open to close, and if we get to stop and eat ourselves, we’re lucky.”

Along with serving meals, the staff gets to have some fun with their diners.

“Last year we had a (marriage) proposal, and we placed the ring in a piece of ice cream cake. But we had to change that before we brought out dessert because it started to melt. So we put it in a piece of tiramisu.”

Not every Valentine’s Day event in Copperas Cove was for couples. Dave’s Sports Bar employees organized singles events throughout the night.

“It’s a good holiday for everyone,” said Dave McBride, owner of the bar. “We have a big singles event, lots of dancing and 99-cent margaritas.”

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