As golfers swung clubs through the first and 18th holes at the Hills of Cove Golf Course this weekend, a group of women were raising money to give back to the community.

Copperas Cove Altrusa International is all about supporting the community and helping children by promoting literacy, said Laura Garrett, president of the local nonprofit club.

“That is the ultimate for everyone,” she said. “Life is only as good as what you give back to other people. You can be a superstar, but if you don’t support others, what type of life would that be?”

Altrusa raised about $6,500 by organizing the tournament, and the money from the 11th annual event will go to support a multitude of causes to include purchasing books for schoolchildren, giving scholarships and helping with other community needs.

About $3,000 of the funds will supply personal books for children in the first through third grades and children attending headstart programs in Copperas Cove, said Roxie Vincent the treasurer of the organization. Another $2,000 will go to scholarships for graduating students and the remainder will be used for other causes throughout the year.

While $3,000 will purchase a lot of books using the school district’s purchasing power, the organization is concerned it won’t supply every student with a book as it has done in the past.

The government’s Reading is Fundamental program was cut this past year and Altrusa used to supplement what the government program couldn’t provide for Copperas Cove children, but without the funding there will be fewer books being distributed.

“We usually give one per student once or twice a year, but that is not going to happen this year,” said Vincent. “We are going to do at least one but we are still working out the details.”

Vincent said the group is experienced when it comes to giving back.

“It is a hands-on group,” she said. “We don’t just sit there, we do something. We just don’t buy the books, we hand them out so the children can see people in the community that care.”

It is attitudes like that which brought Angea Carroll to become a charter member for the Copperas Cove organization in 1991 with 27 other women.

“This is a service organization,” said Carroll. “We do service, it is not a social club. Altrusa is not just a club to belong to. I feel Altrusa is a way of life for helping others.”

Carroll, Vincent, and Garrett all said they believed the organization was perfect to them because of how hard the organization works to give back by promoting literacy.

Literacy is one of the best ways to give back because you are not only teaching children to read but how to learn, said Carroll.

“I think it is important to start somewhere,” said Vincent. “Books are where it is at for getting submerged in fantasy or the real world, which ever one comes first. If you keep that going, you have given them a chance to be hands on.”

“Everyone should own at least one book.”

After joining the organization, between eight to 10 years ago, Garrett said she has stayed with the group for the same reason as others — the children.

“The women that are in (Altrusa) and their dedication,” also has kept Garrett there, she said. “We are all there to raise money for the kids.”

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